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E-GEOD-14469 - Transcription profiling of synovial sarcoma-like tumors induced in a genetically engineered mouse model

Submitted on 16 January 2009, released on 24 April 2009, last updated on 10 June 2011
Mus musculus
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Synovial sarcoma-like tumors were generated in mice by conditionally expressing the human t(X;18) translocation-derived SYT-SSX2 fusion protein. Using a Tamoxifen-inducible CreER system, we show here that sporadic expression of SYT-SSX2 across multiple tissue types leads to exclusive formation of synovial sarcoma-like tumors while its widespread expression is lethal. CreER-based sporadic expression both avoids the severe early developmental phenotypes associated with widespread SYT-SSX2 expression and better models natural pathogenesis of cancers where transformed cells usually arise within an environment of largely normal cells. Experiment Overall Design: Genetically engineered mice capable of conditionally expressing the human synovial sarcoma-associated SYT-SSX2 fusion oncogene were mated with genetically engineered mice expressing the CreER fusion protein from ROSA locus. The progenies harboring both CreER and SYT-SSX2 were followed up with or without tamoxifen injection. Tumors were generated in these mice that were dissected out, RNA extracted, and subjected to expression profiling by microarray analysis.
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