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E-GEOD-14244 - Transcription profiling of human parental parental line MDA-MB-231 and fusion cell lines indicates hybrids assimilate organ-specific metastasis gene signatures from both parental cells

Submitted on 30 December 2008, released on 16 May 2009, last updated on 4 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Spontaneous cell fusion of MDA-MB-231 bone-metastatic subline Bm (i.e., SCP2) and lung metastatic subline Lm (i.e., LM2) gave rise to hybrid lines BLm-FACS or BLm-DRUG, as well as its single clones (#8, #12, #18). The hybrids acquired the metastasis tropisms from both parental cells. Expression profiles of the parental cells, the hybrids and several previously characterized MDA-MB-231 metastatic derivatives were compared. Hierarchical clustering showed the hybrids assimilated the organ-specific metastasis gene signatures from both parental cells. Experiment Overall Design: Twenty-six cell lines were analyzed, including the parental line MDA-MB-231; cell fusion partner lines Bm and Lm; self-fused lines BBm and LLm; hetero-fused lines BLm-FACS, BLM-DRUG and clones BLm-DRUG-8, -12 and -18; strongly bone-metastatic lines 1833, SCP14, SCP20, SCP25 and SCP46; strongly lung-metastatic lines 3481, 4142, 4173, 4175 and 4180; and weakly metastatic lines SCP3, SCP4, SCP6, SCP28, SCP32 and SCP43. Single sample for each line.
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