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E-GEOD-13320 - Transcription profiling of Bos taurus gamma delta T cells induced by Yamoa

Released on 15 September 2009, last updated on 4 May 2014
Bos taurus
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Yamoa™ is marketed and sold as a dietary supplement with anecdotal positive effects in asthma and hay fever. We determined that Yamoa™ (ground bark of Funtumia elastica tree) stimulated innate immunity in part by affecting gamma delta T cells. Yamoa™ had distinct priming effects, very similar to, but more robust than, that of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), on bovine, mouse and human gamma delta T cells. However, the optimal effect was dependent on the presence of accessory cells. Gene expression patterns in bovine gamma delta T cells and monocytes induced by Yamoa™ were very similar to those induced by ultrapure LPS, but the agonists in Yamoa™ did not signal entirely through TLR4. Yamoa™ stimulated human cells to produce cytokines involved innate protection. The bioactive component of Yamoa™ was delineated to a complex polysaccharide fraction (Yam-I). Intraperitoneal injection of Yamoa™ and very low doses of Yam-I in mice induced rapid increases peritoneal neutrophils directed by changes chemokine expression. Yamoa™ and Yam-I were effective as therapeutic treatments in mice with Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium (ST) induced enterocolitis that resulted in decreased bacterial counts in feces. This initial characterization of the immune stimulatory properties of polysaccharides derived from Yamoa™ suggests potential mechanisms for positive effects in asthma and that they have potential for application in infectious disease settings. . Experiment Overall Design: To begin to understand the effects of Yamoa in innate immunity, we investigated the global gene expression profiles of stimulated bovine gamma delta T cells. Peripheral blood from 3 neonatal bovine calves was collected. gamma delta T cells were sorted to >97% purity using a FACS Vantage. Cells were placed in culture and stimulated with either an aqueous extract of Yamoa (32.6ug/ml), ultrapure LPS [uLPS (10ug/ml)] or PBS for 4 hours after which RNA was extracted and processed for microarray analysis.
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