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E-GEOD-11466 - Transcription profiling of human MDA-MB-435 breast carcinoma cell line transfected with the integrin beta4 subunit revealsIntegrin alpha6-beta4 control the expression of genes associated with cell motility, invasion and metastasis

Submitted on 15 May 2008, released on 13 January 2009, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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The objective of this study was to determine the gene expression changes mediated by the alpha6beta4 integrin using MDA-MB-435 breast carcinoma cell line under normal culturing conditions (10% FCS in DMEM). Experiment Overall Design: Comparison of clones of MDA-MB-435 cells transfected with the integrin beta4 subunit (which results in cell surface expression of the integrin apha6beta4 integrin; clones 3A7 and 5B3) to those transfected with vector (mock; 6D2 and 6D7) only.
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transcription profiling by array, unknown experiment type
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