E-ATMX-32 - Transcription profiling of SALK_084897 or SAIL_303_D08 Arabidopsis plants grown under normal conditions or with moderate light and drough treatment applied

Submitted on 18 December 2007, released on 30 April 2008, last updated on 1 May 2014
Arabidopsis thaliana
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4 week old Arabidopsis plants, of ecotype Columbia, SALK_084897 or SAIL_303_D08 were either grown under normal conditions or grown under normal conditions for before having a moderate light and drought treatment applied. Light and drought treatment was applied by withholding water for 5 days prior to transfer to 300 uE m-2 s-1 light conditions. Samples were collected after 3 days of treatment or for the same age plants grown under normal conditions.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, stimulus or stress, strain or line
Organelles Contribute Differentially to Reactive Oxygen Species-Related Events during Extended Darkness. Rosenwasser, Shilo; Rot, Ilona; Sollner, Evelyn; Meyer, Andreas J.; Smith, Yoav; Leviatan, Noam; Fluhr, Robert; Friedman, Haya. Plant Physiol 156(1):185, PMID:21372201
The Absence of ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE1a in Arabidopsis Results in Acute Sensitivity to Combined Light and Drought Stress. Giraud, Estelle; Ho, Lois H.M.; Clifton, Rachel; Carroll, Adam; Estavillo, Gonzalo; Tan, Yew-Foon; Howell, Katharine A.; Ivanova, Aneta; Pogson, Barry J.; Millar, A. Harvey; Whelan, James. Plant Physiol 147(2):595 (2008), PMID:18424626
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