A-GEOD-17056 - FDMC Populus euphratica cDNA microarray slide

Populus euphratica
Array Manufacturer: Finnish DNA Microarray Centre, Distribution: custom-commercial, Technology: spotted oligonucleotide, The creation of P. euphratica EST collection is described in Brosché et al. (Genome Biol. 6 (2005) R101). The PCR-amplified fragments originated from EST were spotted on Schott Nexterion E type epoxy-coated slides. The array consists of 3 replicates (4 x 2 arrays per replicate), spacing between replicates spots 8464. The grid of spots is 190 um x 190 um, and one subarray consists of 46 x 23 spots. The grid between subarrays is 9 mm x 4.5 mm.

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Suvi Tuulia Sutela(suvi.sutela@oulu.fi)
Experiment E-GEOD-46331