ID   AL591420; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 51019 BP.
AC   AL591420;
DT   15-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-221H6 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   the 3' end of the sdc2 gene for syndecan 2 and a CpG island.
KW   HTG; nitr; sdc2.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-51019
RA   Hammond S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; dbc8c978edb3a62273646650569ebc48.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC524843; 15496470.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-221H6. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-139E19 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-221H6 is at 51019 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-221H6 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..51019
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-221H6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-221H6"
FT   misc_feature    3978..51019
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(AL591482.3:1153..>1198),
FT                   complement(AL591482.3:473..826),4439..4573,5294..5328,
FT                   5674..>5796)
FT                   /gene="nitr3d_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3d_4-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3d, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318401.1"
FT   CDS             join(complement(AL591482.3:1153..1198),
FT                   complement(AL591482.3:473..826),4439..4573,5294..5328,
FT                   5674..5796)
FT                   /gene="nitr3d_4"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3d_4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001298"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3d, allele 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV30 Tr:Q90Z86"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8UV76"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV76"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001106-16"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21620.1"
FT                   IYSETTVH"
FT   mRNA            join(8271..8326,8641..8994,10374..10727,10812..10913,
FT                   11045..11079,12357..12695)
FT                   /gene="nitr3c_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3c_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3c, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318399.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM859156.1 Em:BM859493.1"
FT   CDS             join(8281..8326,8641..8994,10374..10727,10812..10913,
FT                   11045..11079,12357..12467)
FT                   /gene="nitr3c_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3c_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001299"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 3c, allele 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UVB4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8UV75"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV75"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21621.2"
FT   misc_feature    9467..9537
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(17874..17929,18244..18597,20317..20670,20748..20846,
FT                   21489..21523,21967..>22089)
FT                   /gene="nitr3a_5"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3a_5-001"
FT                   /product="novel immuntype receptor 3a, allele 5"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318398.1 Em:AF318399.1
FT                   Em:AF318400.1"
FT   CDS             join(17884..17929,18244..18597,20317..20670,20748..20846,
FT                   21489..21523,21967..22089)
FT                   /gene="nitr3a_5"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr3a_5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001300"
FT                   /product="novel immuntype receptor 3a, allele 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UV29 Tr:Q90Z87 Tr:Q90Z88
FT                   Tr:Q90Z89 Tr:Q90Z93"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8UV73"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8UV73"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD21623.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(24694..24888,25556..25605,25743..25874,
FT                   26006..26047,26151..26501,28687..28749))
FT                   /gene="nitr7b_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr7b_1-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 7b, allele 1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(24775..24888,25556..25605,25743..25874,
FT                   26006..26047,26151..26501,28687..28729))
FT                   /gene="nitr7b_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr7b_1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003765"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 7b, allele 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KFR2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFR2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46880.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<26151..26468,28687..28749))
FT                   /gene="nitr7b_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr7b_1-002"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 7b, allele 1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<26151..26468,28687..28729))
FT                   /gene="nitr7b_1"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr7b_1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004549"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 7b, allele 1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFR3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46881.1"
FT                   GNHMNFHNQTQLVVVN"
FT   misc_feature    46959..47000
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    47001..47020
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<49260..49402,49532..49576,49692..>50042))
FT                   /gene="nitr7a_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr7a_1-001-2"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 7a, allele 1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(49260..49402,49532..49576,49692..>50042))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="nitr7a_1-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="nitr7a_1-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003766"
FT                   /product="novel immune-type receptor 7a, allele 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KFR1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KFR1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46882.1"
FT                   VVLIRLKKSSKHKGM"
SQ   Sequence 51019 BP; 16817 A; 8409 C; 8302 G; 17491 T; 0 other;
     gtcaatagaa tacaaacttt tttaaaaagt gcagtcgggt taaagtgaat aagctgttct        60
     aaacagattt gggattgtac tatcacaaat cccatactca agcttaaact aatcttttgt       120
     ctatataagt aaaataaaat gtgataaaca gtgctctatt tagaggccac agtgtatgac       180
     ataatttcct gtagaatggc tgacaggaag aagatgctca gtctagaact gatgtggtga       240
     acatcaatgg aaaaattcac tttagcaccg attaaatgtt ttattaatat taatatagta       300
     aatattgtac atgtatgtat ttatgttatc ttatatgtta ttgtttgttt gtacctgcac       360
     acgctttgca agtttgacaa tttaccaacc acaggactga ccaagtgttt cgtcttcaca       420
     cctccatctg aatgaaaaac acacatgcca tgcacatttg tcagtgtcaa aaataaccct       480
     cctatttccc cctaaccttc tatctctttc agtaaagaac atttatattt aaaacttttg       540
     aaaaaataca tgtagtaata tatcaaattt atatttgcaa taattggaat acataaatta       600
     atttatatat atatatatat atatatatat aaaataatca attgtaatct agattactct       660
     tttaatacaa tttctagcta gaatcaaaca attaggcctt tgtatttgct gtgacatgca       720
     ttaccagatg tcctttgtgt ttttcaaatc agcaaacaat aggtccagat aggtcttgac       780
     cagaatacag ttctttatca ctctgctgaa tgatttcagt tctatcacaa tcagaacaat       840
     tttaaaaagg ctttagatga gatgaaacta gtcctaaaaa tcatacaaat gtcttaaaat       900
     gcatcttctg aacaacatct ttgggtgtgg tataagcaga ataattgatt acacagagtg       960
     ttttttttca aagaggcgat ggttatggca ataaattaaa ccaaatagaa ggcatgggtg      1020
     atatggactt gaaattatgt cactatttta tggtatttat tgcgataata ataatgtaat      1080
     atcgtcgata aaccatatgt atccactgag agacaacaaa atgtcctgta tctttagaaa      1140
     aaaaatattt atgtagtata tctatgtgtg tgtctgtatg catatatata tatatatata      1200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataaaca      1260
     acgtatatgt tacttttatt taatcagcaa ttttttttcc tgtacacgcc tctcctaaaa      1320
     gacattcaga tgatatacaa gaggaatttt tgtggaaaaa agtaacttta agtcagaatt      1380
     tgcctggggt ttcaataatt ttgggcatgt ctgtatacag taactcaaat aaccacttgt      1440
     tacaactgag gtatgcataa gaggatctct gaatgaacaa cacgtccaac cttgaggcag      1500
     atgggctaca gcagcagaag accacaccgg gtgccactcc tttcagctaa gaacaggaaa      1560
     ctgaggctac aattcacaca ggctcaccaa aactggacaa tagaagattg aaaacacata      1620
     gcctggtctg atgagtcttg atttctgctg tgacatccga agggtggggt cagaatttgg      1680
     catcaacaac atgaaaacat ggatccatcc tgccttgtat caacagttca ggctggtggt      1740
     ggtggtgtaa tggtgtgggg gatattttct tggcgcactt tgtgcccatt agtaccaatt      1800
     gagcaccgtg tcaatgccac agcctacctg agtattgttt ttaactatgt ccatctcttt      1860
     ttgaccacag tgtacccatc ttctgatggc tacttccagc aggataacgc gacgtcataa      1920
     tgcgcaaatc ttctcagaca ggtttcttga ccatgacaat gagttcactg tactcaaatg      1980
     accttcacat tcagcagatc tcaacccaat agagcacctt tgggatgtgg tggaacggga      2040
     gattcacatc atggatgagt agctgataaa tctgcagcaa ctgcatgatg ctatcatgtc      2100
     aatatggaac aaaatctctg aggaatattt caagtacctt gttgaatcta tgccgcaaag      2160
     gattaaagca gttctgaagg caaaaggggg tccaacccag tactagtaat gtgtacctaa      2220
     taaagtggca gttgagagta tctgttcatg ttaagcctac tggcctatta gaagtgttat      2280
     tggagtgctt aatgcatgtt aaacccttca cacctttcac acattcacta gcgcctcgag      2340
     ttcacctctt gcttacttta aataattttg aacaatgttg tcagctgtaa agtttagcca      2400
     caaaataatt aaaaaactca taaattattc taatttcagt ttgcatgtta actttattac      2460
     tatgcaggtt caattgtctg tgaagagatt cttctaaagg aagtccgctc tgcccttttt      2520
     gttttttacg tttccgtgtc tgatctttga ccactgctgt gctttgaaga ggaagcagtc      2580
     tgaaattaga tactaccaaa ccaaggttgt actgtaagta gaccagtgaa actgtttatt      2640
     ttattttatc aaattaatac atgtgatgaa gtacttccgt tcatatttta gaaatataaa      2700
     atgtgtaaat tagaatattt cattattttc atgttccagg tttcttgaca tgcttatttt      2760
     ttttctcagg tgctgaaaaa tgagcttgca agattgtttt accttctttc tcctcacatt      2820
     tgcatgtaag tttaaactgt tgggtgataa tgacaaaaaa ataccacaaa tacatttata      2880
     tctgtcaata ttgatgatta tcataatgtc aaatctcagt ttatttcaag tttaaaggca      2940
     ttttttttgc tgagtaaaac ttgtagaaac cagaaatgaa atatgccttg aagcctaaaa      3000
     atttataaaa tgtgtttttg ttttatccat atacatatag ttttattgtg ataatttttg      3060
     tttgaccatc cctaattttt aataagcttt atgtttaact tttttttttt tttgtttctt      3120
     actgcttaat tgtttgtttt tgttgtctta gatgggacct gtgaagaaga ttttattcac      3180
     cagcagccac tggtagttgc tgaacttgga agcagtgtga ctttaccctg ttttcactct      3240
     gatgacttta taaccactat ttcatggtat aaacattcag ctggcaagaa acctcttctt      3300
     atagcacatt cagctcccaa ctcgggaagt gttacatatc aatatgcctt taacaacact      3360
     aatcgattct ttataacaat tgcaagtggc tcttataatt taagtatcct tcacttggag      3420
     aaagaggatt ttgcaaatta ctattgtgct aagtttttcc tgaacatcat gatgtttgga      3480
     gaagggacga ttctgctaca taatggtgag ttaatgacag attttgaatt cagaaattta      3540
     cataaagttt gtatatctgt gtttactgca gtggttcaag ctgtagtatt gtcaaatgat      3600
     taaagagatg ttatcagcat gatggtgtaa aagtttcagc cacctactgc aatcatatac      3660
     caataatgga aataagtgca gttaaaattg tgtgactatt gcaatatgga gcagtaattt      3720
     acagaatgct tgtgaattaa ataaataaat tttttgcttt ggttacaatg aaattagtca      3780
     cagaatatat gattgagatg ataaaacata tgaaatgaag aaacatatat aatattgttc      3840
     ctttccattt ctaaaaaccc caaaactgta catttcaatt tcagctactc tttgtaatct      3900
     tacaccaaca ttgaaaataa gtgcagttaa aaataacaaa atatggggga gattgttgct      3960
     aaatagcaaa atagatcagt ttaactgaac ataactggga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat      4020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aacccaaatt taatattata      4080
     gttactctat agttagagga gtcacagttt gaatcctctt ttatctcttt cataaccaca      4140
     aacaacaaaa acaaaaagtg accaaaaacc caaattggaa acattcacaa atacagtaca      4200
     catgtcagct tacaggcctt gggtctcatt tactgtataa aactttgcaa aggaaccttc      4260
     ctaaaagtaa acataagaca aaatattttt ggtttattta ttaatgattg tggcaaataa      4320
     aattatattt aaagtggttt agaaaagtca atatttaagt aaaagttgtt ttcttatacc      4380
     atccccccaa aacgcagatt ttcagccttg tatttacaga atgttgcttg tctttcagaa      4440
     actgacagaa atatcagcac atctgtttca gctccatcat tttggactcc agttgtttgt      4500
     atcctgctta ttataagtgt aatatccatt gttatgaaca tagttctggt gattcaaaag      4560
     agtcgcaaaa aaggtaaata aacataatca tatgaaattg taaaaattca taaagataga      4620
     tagacagaca cttactgatt tttttgtgtg catgttttta ctttacggat catcaaacaa      4680
     actgaaatat tagtcaaaga tagtacaagt aaacacttga tgcacttttg aaattaaggt      4740
     ttttattatt aagggaaaac aaaatacaaa actacatagc cctgtttgaa aaaaacaagg      4800
     tttgccccct aaatctaaaa gcgggttggg cctcttttca agtattttca atagcttgca      4860
     atgagtctgt tacagtgctg tggatgaatt ttggcactct gttctttgca gaattgttgt      4920
     aatttagcac attggatggc ttttgagcct aaaccacttt tttaaggtca tgtcacagca      4980
     tctcatttag attaaggtta gggctttgac caggccagtc caaagtcttc atttagtttt      5040
     tctttagcca ttcagtagtg ttcctgcttg tgtgctttga actcaagttt gcctcagctt      5100
     gaggtcacta acagatggtc ggacattcaa ataaatattt caatttgctt gatgatcaga      5160
     aacattaaag tttgataaat gtgcaaaaaa aagggaaata gtaagggggc aaacactttt      5220
     tcacaccact gtgtatatgg tattctactt agacattcag accagtgatc tgtaatttca      5280
     ttatgttcca cagaaactac agaacaactc agaagccaga taaatcaggt gattatcaat      5340
     ctactaataa taatcattat taataattaa tcaggtaatt aataattcct tcaaattcta      5400
     gagaataata catgttttac aggcatgttc ctatattgtc tgcattttga cataaattat      5460
     ttaacttcag gaaaatactt gtgtattttt tctcaaatgt ttgtcttttt taaataaata      5520
     aatatatgct gagttttagg cattatccca tttcatttct acattcaatg tcacattcag      5580
     aaatcattac tttttaaaat atagctattt atgtaacaga caaaattcac tcagtggcgt      5640
     aattttatta cttaatattt tcttcctctg cagattaaaa cagatgactt aaattatgct      5700
     gccctgcact tttccaaaac aaagcccacc acctcgagaa gatcttcaat gaaaaccatc      5760
     caggaaacca tttattcaga gaccacagta cattagctga gacattacta atgatgagac      5820
     attattgctg ttgttctatc acagtctgtg ttgttgttca agttaattaa caagttcctt      5880
     atgtagcttt gtataacttt aatatatatg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatttt      5940
     tttttttttt tttttttatg ctgatatttt ttttatctct aaatgtcata agaagtaaca      6000
     tgaatataaa taaaattgct gcctgaaact gtccattatt ttctatatca gtccattttt      6060
     cttttgattt gcactataac tgcccatgct agtaatgtta tttctgtttc attcatactg      6120
     tacgctagag ggtgccctga cgtataaccc acatatgcat tggtgaagca gacgtcagct      6180
     actgcaaaga ctgaccatat ttgctaaagc tcatgtcttt tttaacaatg agtgctcaag      6240
     gtataaaact gctttaatat tatggtgcaa tgctaattga cctagccttt atcatgtaaa      6300
     tattactgta tagcaggggt taccaacctt tatgaaactg agagctactt cttgggtact      6360
     gattaatgtg aagggctacc agtttgataa acacttctca aataacaaat ttgctcaatt      6420
     tacttttaat tatactttat gtttttggta ataattaatg atattcatcc atgtgaagac      6480
     actgatcatg ttaatgattc tcacaaaagt tatcaacaat gatttaacag ggtaggaaat      6540
     accctgtatt taatatatca atgtgcaaca ctttatttgt atatatctct gcaaatattt      6600
     acatttttaa gtgattactt ctatattaga tgaagcttac tggttggtgg cgctatggtg      6660
     agctattttt agaacaggcc tgcgggcaac acatgtgatc ctcacgggct accatgttgg      6720
     tgacccctgc tgtaaagaat acaattatat atgattatag aataatcttt ctcaatcttg      6780
     ccattctcca tgtgtcacca caactgtata gtttgcatat attatcacat ggccctgttt      6840
     tttttatggt caatcttgtg ctgtgtgttt atcatgttac ataaaaataa tctaaggaaa      6900
     taccagtttg caacatcaag cagaataaca agcagtttgt acagctcaaa atcaatagag      6960
     gtgaatgaga ccagaagtct taatccattt aagtaatgac tacacagcaa acaaaaaatg      7020
     tttcatttcc tagtgttttt gtcatgtttc tggtccaact atctaaacaa ttcttaaatt      7080
     aagaaatatt ttctagacaa gcagtaaata tagttttcag aaatattgag tcaaaattaa      7140
     gtgaattaag taaaataatc tgcaaatagg gaaagcaaaa taagttggtt tttcttttga      7200
     aacaagatta ttttgcttac cccatggcaa attattttgc ttgtttaatg taaaaactca      7260
     cttaatttag acatgttatt tttatttttt tttactggac aaaataatgc ttgtgtagaa      7320
     aatacttctt gatttgagaa tgtttagata tttggactag aaacaagaaa aactctaggt      7380
     aagaaaagca tttttgaatg ctcgctcact cttacatgaa agctaaggtt gatatacttt      7440
     aatgaaggtg tttaaagtgg ttctcaatta tgatttcact tttgtcatga actgtacgtg      7500
     agcataaaaa acatccacaa atttactact ttgaatgtgt ctttacatgc agatacagcc      7560
     gctcaacatc agctgaggcc ttttaatcaa cccctaaaat atctattcat tttatgacta      7620
     ctggtctatt ggaagtgtct tttcaactgc attttgagtt aatgtcatga acctttcaca      7680
     catttccaca gttcgagtac ctcttgcctg cttaaaatat tgcttaaaaa cattgttgtc      7740
     ggcttaacac gatacaaaaa ctcacacatt aatctaactg atacctgatg taatattcag      7800
     gtgtgcatac tcatggtatc tgttcatttg atcactatac atgttcaagc atctgttaaa      7860
     aaagattctt ctaaaggaaa tcggctctgc cccttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta      7920
     accgtgtctg atctttgacc gcttctgtgc tttgaagagg aagcagtctg aaattagact      7980
     tactaccaaa ccaacacata accaagggta tgttagttac ttgtattgtg atggtctgaa      8040
     ctgaatatac tggatctgat ctgtgtgtct caataaatat cagagggcta taatattagg      8100
     tttattcttt ttttatttga agaatatctt tgtcacgtgg ttttactgta agtagaccat      8160
     ttttaaattc aagatttttt tttatcaaat gaaaatatgt ggtaaaatac tgaatatttc      8220
     attattttca tttttcagat ttcttgaaat gtttattttt cttttctcag gtgctgcaaa      8280
     atgagtttac aaggttgttt taccttcttt ctcctcacat ttgcatgtaa gtttaaactg      8340
     ttgggtgata atgacaagaa gaccacaata aaatgtatat tggtcaataa tgatgtttat      8400
     cataatgtca aatctctgtt tctttcaagt tcaaaggaag atttttttag ctgaacgaaa      8460
     cttgtaaaaa cgaaaaaata gatacatttt tttatgcttt cgtattttgt ccatgaaata      8520
     acatattgta ataatagttg ttttattaca ataaatatta tttgaccaat caaaatattt      8580
     atgatttttg ttttactttt ttgttttcta ttgttatttt gattgttttt gttgttttag      8640
     atgggacctg tgaagaagat tttattcatc agcagccact ggtacttgct gaacttggaa      8700
     gcagtgtgac tttaccctgt tttcactctg atgactttgt aaccactatt tcatggtata      8760
     aacattcagc tggcaagaaa cctcttctta tagcatattc agatttcaac tctggaagag      8820
     ttacatatcg aaatgccttc aacaacacta atcgattctt tatcacagtt gcaagtggct      8880
     cttataattt aactatcatt cacttggaga aagaggattt tgcaacttac tattgtgtta      8940
     aggatttctt gaacaggtta atgtttggag aaggaacgat tctgctgtgc aaaggtgagt      9000
     taatcacagt ttttgcattc tgaaattcac ataaatgtgt gtaaggcttt gtaactgcag      9060
     tggttcaagc tgtagtatta ctgaatgatt taagaaatgt tgtcagcatg atggtgtaca      9120
     aactgtacat ttcaacacca tctgcaagct tattaatctt actaacgatg aaaaaaagag      9180
     cagttagaaa aatcaaaatt gtgttgctat tgtgtgacta ttgcaatatg gagcagtaat      9240
     tcacagaata gttgaaaatg aaatgattta ataacaatat cttgctatga ttactgaatt      9300
     gggaggttca tttcgctgtg gtgaccccag attaaccaag ggactaagcc gaaaagaaaa      9360
     tgaaagaatg agggttactc agttggtcac aaaataattt atattaattg tacccagctt      9420
     taatgtacct gataaagata gaggagagag aaagaaagac agaaagcaag tgagctgaag      9480
     caaaatagac atagtcacag ttttaatccc ccccaaaaaa cacaactgta catttctttt      9540
     tcagccacct tctgtaatct tacaccaaca ttgaaattgc agttacaata actaaatatg      9600
     taggagattg ttgctcttgt gtgactatat tgtattgcaa aatggagcag tttaactcca      9660
     ttaatattaa atcaaaatta atttacagaa tacttaaaca tgaaatcatt taataacagt      9720
     aagttatgaa acaaatgtgt gaggtaatag aacccagctt taatgtgtaa agttatgata      9780
     gaaaggcaaa gagggaggga gacaaagaga aagacggaaa gcaaaagagg cagtcacaat      9840
     tcaccccctt ttttgctttc tatttctaaa aacctaagaa gtaaccaaaa actcacatca      9900
     gaggcattca ctaatacaca cgtcagccta cagatctggg gtctcatgaa ctgtatagaa      9960
     ctctgcgtag aacctttcta aaagtgaaca tctgccagaa caaattttaa ttggtttact     10020
     aatgattatg gttaataaaa tgatttatag tggttcaaat aagtcaatat ttaagttaaa     10080
     tatgttttct ttgagtttac ttaaagctgt gcatattctc ccatcaagtt tggtttgtat     10140
     agattataaa ctttgcatgt gaaatggcat gctcatgttt ccacctgttt tgtgcaaatg     10200
     ccatgtttac agtatatatg agacaccaga tatttattag cacttctgtg ccttttgaaa     10260
     tttgtaatga gcccttttgg taaacaagaa aagtttgcaa taaacaaata cccatgatca     10320
     tttgcacatc tattgcatat taatatattt acagaatgtt tcatgtcttt cagaaactga     10380
     cagaattagc agcacgtctg ttatccagca gcctgtgtct gacagacttc atccaggaga     10440
     ttcagtgacc ctgcagtgtt cggtcagcag tcacatctgt gctggacatt acagagtcta     10500
     ctggtttaaa cactcatcag gatattctca accagggatc atttacactc atgataaccg     10560
     gagcgatcag tgtttagaaa gttcagagaa gagctctttt gttcagagtt gtgtttatag     10620
     tctctctcag actgaactca ctacatctga tgctggagtt tattactgtg ccgtcgacac     10680
     atgtgggaag atacgctttg ggaatggaac caagttgact attgaaggta cagaaaagtt     10740
     tacttttgaa aaaaataact gttagcaccg taaaataaat cttggtataa cacccaaatt     10800
     gactctttta gaatcctcgt tgtggagtcc agtcgttttg atcctgtttg taataagtgc     10860
     agtatccatt attgtgaaca tatttctcat aatccgcaca tattgcaaag aaggtaaata     10920
     tgttaacata agcatatggt aaaatacaaa aaatgtatga tactaatact tgttatttac     10980
     attagctaaa catttttttt tattgaagat atctgtaatt taacaaagtt attatgttcc     11040
     acagaagctt cagaacaaat tagaaatcga gttattcagg taattatttt tatatatttt     11100
     ttattttcct ttaaactttt agagattgaa aaataatgtt ttataggaat ggtcctattt     11160
     ttgcctgtgt attaaaacca tgagaaatct gaatgtagaa atctaaaaac tagatttgtt     11220
     tgttattaaa tcatttccta cagtttaatt taaatcactt taatatgcac attaatgttc     11280
     aagaatataa agtcagtaaa aattgcccat gttttaaaaa catactgtat ctcagttgct     11340
     gcatatgttt tttttttatc agtattaagt gtaatattgt gtaatgttat tacaatgtaa     11400
     aacagatact ttgcatttta atatatttat ttttgataag actatatttt gattgtccct     11460
     attgcacatt ttgttgacta aaagttgcat tgcaactaca tgccaatttg tcatttgagt     11520
     attagtagac tgtctgctta atatctgttg attctgcttc ttcaacagac atttaactga     11580
     ttataagaaa ctttgcaagt acatgtcaac ttatactaac cctaactaca acctacaaca     11640
     gtctacttgt aatctagtga gaattagttc gcatgtagat gcaatgtaac gtaagtttga     11700
     caaaatgcgt taaagggacc atcaaaataa agtgatagat ttttttttta atggcaagca     11760
     aaaaaaattt taagcagcaa ttacattttc acacgttgct tcagaagtca caaagttttt     11820
     ctattttttg gtgtatgttt gtgtgcaata cattttctat attgctgcac aaagtacatt     11880
     ttaaaacaaa taatgcattc agacaatgcc cctagtcttt gattcagatc aatattgttc     11940
     ttgctagtgc atttaggtca aacctaagtt ttaatgttct gtgacgtgaa taaaatacag     12000
     ccaattgtga tttctgtcag ctgcatgcgc tgatgccgcc aattaattgc cattgcatgg     12060
     cattctgatg atcatcatag tagaagtttt tccacattag cattacctgt tcttctgtgc     12120
     aacaagagtc agaagcaaaa aaatgtgcag cgtcaccttg tgtatcagtg tatttttgcc     12180
     ttccaataag cgccatctaa tgtcagggtg taattttaga catttactct gctcttcatc     12240
     agtgaatatc acttagacgt gaatgtcaaa aaactcacga taagagtgag tgataaacat     12300
     cacagtgtac acaaagtgtt tccactgata atatttctct tatttgttct ctgcaggttg     12360
     atacaaatta cttcaattat gttgccttgc aaagctcttc agtgacaact agccaagaag     12420
     aaactatctg tgtttataca cagaccagta agcactttac gagataattg cttctgctct     12480
     agattattgt ggtcattctt gtggttgttt agattcgtta ataattttac cggttcacac     12540
     attaaatttt ctttttataa ttttgatttt ggttaattgt aaatattttt agtctataaa     12600
     tatatcagtc atttttgtcc ctctttactc gtctatatta tcaccctcaa gctttatttt     12660
     tttttaaaga ttttttgtta tttgaataaa tacatattta atgaatgaca aagtcattaa     12720
     gtttagattc agataaagat cagggcctgg ctgtgtagac ttacgatgtg gtcagatatt     12780
     gataaagtta ttattggtca attgggatgt ctctgtattt gggctttgca caggtggtca     12840
     aggaagagac aaaactggaa tgtaaacttt gctctgtctt ttttcttatc ttctctcgat     12900
     ctactctctg tctttctaac tgcctcatta ccccactccc gtctcttcct gttttacatt     12960
     taagctgagc acaattaata tcatgttttt tactatttca tggtttagaa ttttttcagt     13020
     gtaaccaaaa caaattattg tcattaaatc atttaaattt caagtattct gtgaatcatt     13080
     ttttattaac tttgcttggg gttgtgtcag tgcccttggc ataggtaact tgcacgtttg     13140
     tgatggcacc attaatgctg aaaggtaaat agagattttg gagcaaaata tgctgctgcc     13200
     catttcaggg atacccatgc atatttcaag acaatgcaaa accacattct gcacacatta     13260
     caaagtcctg gctgtggggg aagaggatat cggtagttga ctggcatgcc tgcagtcctg     13320
     agctatctcc aatagagaat tttgaagcgc aaaatgcgac aatgaagacc ctgtactgtt     13380
     gcccaccttg tttgcgggaa gaatgggaca aaatgacacc tgaaacactt cattatttgg     13440
     agtcttttaa gtgtggtaaa atttttactg tttcaacttt ttaaaaatgt tttcaaatgt     13500
     gaaataccac ttctttatcc cgacttctga tgtggggttg tagactcgct accagggttt     13560
     taatcagtct taaaatcaag taatgatttt ttgcattttc ttgttcatca tttatcagtt     13620
     tgataatgca tgtgcttgtg gacatttgtg gtgaaaatat ggctcaaatg acttcaaaag     13680
     taaaggcctc tgatatgtgc aatggctgat tctttaaact ctcatgtttt atacactgaa     13740
     ccatcagtgc aatacataca ataagattcc tttacttaat aattaataaa ggtattttaa     13800
     aaattaactt gcacagcatt tttatcacaa ttcaacattt actaaagcat tcataaatag     13860
     agttatgcag tgtgttaagt taactaacaa tgactttttt aaacattatt ttacattaac     13920
     tttaactagg atgaataaat actttaatca gcaatgtaat gtaatgcatt gttcattgtt     13980
     tgttcaattt aatgaataca ttgattaaaa tgtactaatt gaaatgtaaa ggtttaccat     14040
     tttaactttg ttgaaacagt tgacgcagtt ttatcagcta aaaatgtgga agagcattgc     14100
     tattatgtga ctgtattgta ttgaaatatg gagcaattaa gtgtatacag accctggctt     14160
     ttggacttgt tgctggtaat agtctaaatg atccttttct tttttggtct ggagcacaca     14220
     gcgtccattt ctccccaaaa aataaccgaa atactgattg gtctgaccac agtatacgtt     14280
     tccactgttt aatggtccat cccagatgcc tctgagctca gagaagttga cagcagttct     14340
     ggacactgtt aacatactgt agggcttcct ttttgcacag ttcagtttta actggcattt     14400
     gtggatgtca ctacgtattg tgaaacttga tacaagttta ccaaagtagt cataagccca     14460
     tgtggggata ttgcttaaag atgaatgagg attcttaata tttaagctga aatctccaaa     14520
     tgtcttccta tcttttttta attaattttt cctcttttat cggggtcgcc acagcggatt     14580
     gaaccgccaa ctattcttga atatgtttta cacagtagat gctgcaacca agtactggga     14640
     aacaaccata cacactcaca ttcacacaca cacacactca tacactacgg ccaatttagt     14700
     tcaaccaaat cacttatact gcatatcttt ggatgtgggg gaaactggag cactccaagg     14760
     aagcccccac acaaacatgg gaagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacac tccggactca     14820
     aatcagtgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgcca gtgctaacca ctgagccacc tgtttttaag     14880
     catttcaata attttctcat gtattttttt ttttcaaatt ggcgatcctc tgctcatctt     14940
     tgctcctaaa ggactagatc tttgttggaa gctgctttta taccaaatca taattacaat     15000
     taccttttga cacaatcaca taatcacata atcaccaatt ttcctgatta ctaggcctaa     15060
     attgctactg tgacaacttt tttggaatgt gttgccggtc tgaatgacct tttttatata     15120
     tatttgaaaa ttaaaaatta tgtatattta caaatgaaat taaatttaca aacagcaata     15180
     tttagtttcc atattgtctg caataaaata caaattaatt aaaatgaata tttaaaataa     15240
     atgtggaaat cactctttat tttttatatt tgactcttcc atgctgtccc aactttgtct     15300
     ggtttggagt ttactcaatt cccaagctta aacttatctt ctgtctacat aagtaaaata     15360
     aaatgtgatg aacagagctc cagttagagg ccacagtata tgacaatttc ctgtaaaatg     15420
     gctggcagga aaaagatgcg cagtatagtc tgagaactga tgtgatgaac atcagcagag     15480
     aaacagttca ctttagacct aaaacaatta caataaaatc aaaagtatta tgttattaca     15540
     tgtagataca gttgaagtca gaattccctc ctgttgcaat tcttgcttaa aaagcattta     15600
     gcgcataatc tacattctcc acataagttg gtgaagaaga cgtcagctac tgcattgggc     15660
     tattatacat gaaacacctg ggatcaggac aggaatctga agttataaca gtattaatgt     15720
     aatctgacag gtatcttaag ttacattgat taatttaaaa tacagcaact gcacataaaa     15780
     catataaaag gcattggaca tgaaacccct gcgatcacgt tcatgtactg tatctgaagc     15840
     aaactgatgt tttcacaatc ctacgcaaat tcacaaataa tgtgaatacc tgatgacgta     15900
     aagcaagctg tagtactgaa accgctgggg aaaaaaagcc tgcctactgc aaagacttaa     15960
     gtatatttgc tgtagctgac gtcctcttaa taatgtgtgc tcaaggtatt aaagtctgct     16020
     ttaatattat gatgaaatgc taattgacct agcctttatg gcgtaaataa tgctgtttag     16080
     aatactataa aatagtagga tttattcttc ataaataagt aatctctctc aagttttcta     16140
     tcccatcagt gttgtcacca gtctaccagt ctatagtttg catatgtttt cacatggccc     16200
     tatttttttt gatggtcaaa ctacttgtgc tgtgtgttta tcatagtaca taaaaataat     16260
     atgataagga aatactagtt cattcattta ttaattcgtt ttcttttctg atttattcat     16320
     caggggttgc cacagcggaa tgatccgcca acttatccag cttatgtttt acacagcgga     16380
     tgcccttcca gctgcaaccc agtactggaa aacgtccatg tgctcttatt cacacacaca     16440
     cactatggcc acttaagttt atttaattac ctatagtgca ggtctttggg cttgtggggg     16500
     aaaccggagc acccagagaa accggcaacc catgcgaaca tgcaaactcc acacaaaaat     16560
     gccaactgac ccagcaacct tcttgctatg aggcaatagt gctaaccact gagctactgt     16620
     gttttttttt ttgttttttt tttcagtttg gatcatcaag cagaataata agcagtttgt     16680
     acagctaaaa atcaatggag gtgactaaga ccataagtct tgacctgttt aagtacaatg     16740
     actatacctg ctcttacatg aaaactaagg tggatatttg ttccttgtgc ttttgatttg     16800
     ctgacattta atgggaagag gtacagtagc tgctgtcttt agtgctttta atgttgtgtg     16860
     atgtttgtct tctgggtgtg gtgtggtata tatagtgtaa atctattacg cttcagcaca     16920
     aatcgcccca aaagagggca aaacaaaagt ttacatttaa cattaacaaa tatattatga     16980
     tggaggtgtt taaattggct tacaattatg atttgacttt tggcaaatac tttatatgag     17040
     cataaacaac atccacaagt taccactttg tgtatatgtg tgtatatgct gattcagccg     17100
     ttcattagtt caacatcagt ttgaggcctt ttaatcaacc aatatctgct cattttaaga     17160
     taactggtct tttagaagtg tcttttgtag tgcattttga gttattgtca tgttgaacct     17220
     ttacacacct tttcaaacct ttttcacctt tttcctgctt taaatagttc taaacattgt     17280
     tgtcggtttt aaaatgcact cacaaaataa tataaaaact caaagtaatc taattggcac     17340
     ctgatgtagg tttgcaattc ctatggtatc tgtttatttg atcactgtac aagttcaagc     17400
     atctgtaaag agagattctt gtaaataaag taggctctgc cctttttttt tttttttttt     17460
     ttttgaacat ttccgtgtct gatctttgac cgctgttgtg cattgaagag gaagcagtct     17520
     gaaattagac ttactaccaa accccgacac atgacaaggg catgttagtt ttcttgtttg     17580
     actagttttt tatggtggtg gtctgaactg aatatactgg acctgatctg tgtgtctcaa     17640
     tcaatattag agggctttaa tcttaagttt cttgttttct tatttaaaga atatctttct     17700
     agtgaggttg tactgtaagt aaaccatttt taatttcaag atttttttta tcaaattaat     17760
     atatgttgcg aaggacttct gttcaaatgt tagagatata aaatgtgtaa acttgaatat     17820
     ttcattattt tcatttttca ggtttcttga catgtttatt tttcttttct caggtgctgc     17880
     aaaatgagct tgcaaagttc ttttaccttc tttttcctca tatttgcatg taagtttaaa     17940
     ctgttgggtg ataatgacaa gaaaagaaga tcacaataaa attaaaatca gtcaataatt     18000
     ataattatca taatgtcaaa tctctgtttc tttcaatttt aaaggcattt tttgcctgag     18060
     tgaaacttta aatatgctta gaaacctaaa catttataaa atgcgttttt gttttatcaa     18120
     agaaagtaaa tattgtaatt attgttttat tgcgataatt gtttgtccag tcataatttt     18180
     taataatctt tatgtttgac tttttatttc ttcttgttta tttgtttgtt tttgttgttt     18240
     tagatgggac ctgtgaagaa gattttattc atcagcagcc actggtagtt gctgaacttg     18300
     gaagccgtgt gactttaccc tgttttcact ctgatgacta tgtaactact gtttcatgga     18360
     ctaaacattc agctggcaag aaacctcttc ttatagcata ttcagatttc aactctggaa     18420
     gagttacata tcaaaatgcc ttcaacaaca ctaatcgatt ctttatcaca gttgcaagtg     18480
     gctcttataa tttaactatc attcacttgg agaaagagga ttttgcaact tactattgtg     18540
     ttaaggattt cttgaacagg ttaatgtttg gagaaggaac gattctgctg cgcaaaggta     18600
     agttaatcac agtttttgca ttctgaaatt cacataaatg tgtgtaaggc tttgtaactg     18660
     cagtagttca agctgtagta ttgccgaatg attcaagaaa tgtcagcatg atagtctata     18720
     aactgtacat ttcaacacca tctgcaatct tatcaatctt attaaagatg gaaaaaaagt     18780
     gcagttagaa aatcaagatt gtgttgctat tgtgtgacta ttggagcagt aattgtaatt     18840
     tttcactttc gccaattggt gaagtttttt cctcgccgct gtcgccacta gcttgcatgg     18900
     ttcgggatct gtagagctgt gcatcgatgg attgcttttc agtgtttgga ctctcagtag     18960
     tgattattaa accacaatga actgagctaa actgaactga acttaaactg aaaactgaac     19020
     tacactgttt caatttacta tgatctttta tgtgaagctg ctttgacaca atctgcattg     19080
     taaaagcgct atacaaatat aggtgaattg aattgaatta atttacagaa tagttgaaaa     19140
     tgaaatgatt taataacaac atcttgctat tattgcttaa ttgggcggtt cattccactg     19200
     tgtgacccca gattaataaa gggactaagt cgaaatgaaa atgaatgaat gaggattact     19260
     caattggtca caaagtaatt gatattaatt gtacccaact ttaatgtaac tgataaagat     19320
     agaggagaga gaaacaaaca aagaaagaca gaaagcaaga gagtcaaagc aaaagagtca     19380
     gagtcacagt tttaatcccc taaaaatccc aaaactctac atttcttttt cagccacctt     19440
     ttgtaatctt acaccaacgt ttaaaataaa tgcaattaaa aataaaatat aaggggagac     19500
     tgttgctatt gtgtgactat tatgtattgc aaaatggagc agtttaactc cattaatatt     19560
     aaatcaaaat taattcacag aatacttgaa catgaaatta tttaacaaca gttagttatg     19620
     aaataattgt atgaggtgat acaacattaa atgataaaac atatataata ttaattttac     19680
     ccagctttaa tgtccaaagt tacccgatag aaaagcaatg agagacaaag acaaagagaa     19740
     agacagaaag caaaagagcc aaagcaaaag aggcagtcac aattcacccc cttttttgct     19800
     ttctatttct aaaaacccaa gaagtaacca aaaactcaca tcagaggcat tcactaatac     19860
     acacgtcagc ctacagatct ggggtctcat gaactgtata gaactctgcg tagaaccttt     19920
     ctaaaagtga acatctgcca gaacaaattt taattggttt actaatgatt atggttaata     19980
     aaatgattta tagtggttca aataagtcaa tatttaagtt aaatatgttt tctttgagtt     20040
     tacttaaagc tgtgcatatt ctcccatcaa gtttggtttg tatagattat aaactttgca     20100
     tgtgaaatgg catgctcatg tttccacctg ttttgtgcaa atgccatgtt tacagtatat     20160
     atgagacacc agatatttat tagcacttct gtgccttttg aaatttgtaa tgagcccttt     20220
     tggtaaaaaa gaaaagtttg caataaacaa atgcccatga tcatttgcac atctattgca     20280
     tattaatata tttacagaat gtttcatgtc tttcagaaac tgacagaatt agcagcacgt     20340
     ctgttatcca gcagcctgtg tctgacagac ttcatccagg agattcagtg accctgcagt     20400
     gttcggtcag cagtcacatc tgtgctggac attacagagt ctactggttt aaacgctcat     20460
     caggatattc tcaaccaggg ttcatttaca ctcatgataa ccggagcgat cagtgtttgg     20520
     aaagttcaga gaagagctct tttgttcaga gttgtgttta tagtctctct cagactgaac     20580
     tcactacatc tgatgctgga gtttattact gtgccgttga cacatgtggg aagatacact     20640
     ttggaaatgg aaccaagttg actattgaag gtacaaaaag tttcagacac atcaaatgat     20700
     acatcaaatt aacaccgaaa tcaatgtgat catttgctaa ttttcagctt cctccttttg     20760
     gaatccagtt gttgtcatcc tgtttacaat aagtgtaaca tccattgttg cgaacatagt     20820
     tctggtgctt cagaatcgta gaaaaggtaa atatacataa gttttaaaaa tatataaaaa     20880
     acaattatta caaaatacaa gtctacataa ccgtgtgtga aagtgtttgt cccctatccc     20940
     taataactgg ttgggtcatt cttaacaaca gcaacaactg caatcaaaca tttttgttaa     21000
     catgcaataa gttttgtata ggaattttgg ccctctcatt tttgcagaat tgttgtaatt     21060
     cagccacatt ggaggggttt tgagcctgaa ccgccttttt aatgtcattc cacaacatca     21120
     catttgggtt caggtcagga ctttgactac gccactccag ggtcttaatt tagttttcct     21180
     tcagccattc aaaagtggac ttgctggtgt gctttgggtc attgtcttgc tgtagaactc     21240
     aagtttgctt cagcttaagt tcactaacag gtggctgggc attcatataa atatttcaat     21300
     ttttttgatg atcagaaaca ttaaagattt gataaacatg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     21360
     gaaagaaaga aaaaaaagag taagcgggaa aacacttttt cacaccactg tgtatgttta     21420
     tatggtattc tactttgaca ttcagaccag tgatctgtac gtttatctta ttactgtatg     21480
     ttccacagaa actacagaac aactcagagg ccagataaat caggtgatta tcattctaat     21540
     aataatcatt aataaggtaa ttaataattc cttaaaattc tagcaaatta aaaatattgt     21600
     gttataggca tgttgctata ttgtctgttt atcgactaca taaatttttt tacttcagga     21660
     taacaattat atctatatca agtttaacac ctaaattaaa gttcattttc acaaagaact     21720
     atttatttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatata tatatatata tatatatata     21780
     tatatatata tattgagatg tatttaatat atacactagc atattgagtt ttaagcatta     21840
     ttgcatttca ttacgccatt caatgtcaca ttcagaactc attacttttt aaaatacagg     21900
     tattttttgt aacagacagt gaaaatcgac tgaatatttt tttctgtggc atttcttcct     21960
     ctgtagattg aaacagatga cttaaactat gctgccctgc acttttccaa aacaaagccc     22020
     tccacctcga gaagatcttc aataaaaacc atccaggaaa ccatttattc agagaccaca     22080
     gtacattagc tgagacatta ctaatgaaaa gaaagtattg ctgttgttct ttcacagtat     22140
     gtgttgttgt tcaagttagt taacaagttc tttatgtagc tttgtataac tttaatttca     22200
     cttaattgca tatatttttt ttatctgtaa atatcagcag taatgcatga atataaataa     22260
     aaatgctgcc tggaactgtc cattattttc tatatctttt ttttttcttt tatttgtttg     22320
     ctgatgcacc ataacttttc ctttgaacta tatcacacac acacacacac acatacacac     22380
     acacacagtt gagtcagaat tattagcccc cctgaattat aagacatccc ccctctcccc     22440
     agagattttt ttttcaacac atttctaaac attatagctt taataactca tttctaataa     22500
     cttatttatt tttatctttg ttgtgatgat atatattatg atgatagata tttatcaaga     22560
     cacttctata cagcttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact gggttaatta ggttaactag     22620
     gcaggttaaa gcaattaggc aagttattgt ataacaatgg tttgttctgc agactaccga     22680
     aaaaaaatat atagcttaaa ggggctaata agtttgacct taaatatttt ttttcaaata     22740
     aaaactgcct ttattctggt ctaaataaaa aaaaaaaatg agactttctg cagaagaaaa     22800
     aatattatca gacatgctgt aaacatttca ttgctctgtt aaacataatt tgggaaatat     22860
     ttaaaaatga aaaacaaaat tcacaggcgg gctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctatatatat     22920
     atatatatat atatataaaa ttttatcatt acatgtacat tatacatgag agaaccaact     22980
     tttgattaat ttcccaacaa aagctgcact gctgtagctg atacgtaaga tcattaagag     23040
     ttacaaaaca cctttaaaat ctaaaatgct aaaaatcatt tgctgaatca taacaaaaaa     23100
     acattaattt tgagcattgc atttgtcatt aatcttactt atttacttca tttttatctg     23160
     gtcgtttttt aaatgtatag tagtcatata attgatctgt cacatcttct agatttaata     23220
     tatttatgca actggccttt atgcagcagt ttgaactgtt tacatattta tgcatttggt     23280
     ggattcttta tctgaaatgg acttacattg aattaaatgt gcagtacaca ttttgtaata     23340
     tcctccttac tctacactca gaaataaagg tacagaagct gtcactgggg tgcacctttt     23400
     caaaaggtac atatttgtac ctgaagagtc cataatggta cctcaaaggt acttcttagg     23460
     tacatttggg cactaatgtg cacctttgag gaaccacttt ggactcattg ggtataaata     23520
     tgtatctttt gaaaaggtac tgcccaagtg atagcacctg tacctttatt tctgagagtg     23580
     taggaaatta actcacaacc tgagctacag aaaggccata tataatgata tttaggaagg     23640
     gcattcagag gtgtcattta gtttaacatt gatagaattg aatcagttgg gatttatggt     23700
     gtatatagtt attactcctt gaccctattt aaagaaaaca gtcagaaatc tgtataaatg     23760
     actgtggatg gttctgaaag tgttgcaaca tcctaatata tcttctgttt caccaaagtc     23820
     ttttcttact ggtggagtgg ctgggcttta aaatttagtt ctaacttctt gcgtactaat     23880
     gaccactgat gacaaacaat attttttttc tttgtattta acataataga ccaaaaagaa     23940
     gattagcatt ttgatattgg taatttagtt tttcttaata tcaaaaatca tgttttatat     24000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     24060
     atatatagtg ttttttggtg taaagacata caaagtaatt ttgtatacat gtatgataca     24120
     aatttatttg ccttttaaaa ataaaggatt taaatgatag taaaagttca gtgttcattg     24180
     attggaaaat attaaacaat tttaatgaca aactaaatag ttacattaca tatcatatat     24240
     acagtacaaa taaaacatga attaataaaa ttctaaataa aatttaaaat tattttgtaa     24300
     cccattacaa taaggttgta ttaatgtcag ttaatgcatt tactaacatg aacacaatga     24360
     ttaatacata tataaaaata ttatatttgt tcatgttagt taacattaaa tacagtcgtt     24420
     cattgttagt tcatgttaac ttacagtgca tgaactagtg ttaacaagca tgaatttaga     24480
     agtaataatg tattagtaaa tgttgactaa ctaatgaaac cttattttaa agtgtaacca     24540
     attatttata ttaaatgaaa gttaacaatg ctaaaataaa attaaataat taaaaaaaat     24600
     taatgcaata catactattg tttacttctt atgacaaact gataaagctg atgcattttt     24660
     ttttgcatgg agagattaag acaagtgagt ctagacacca gtctgctgca gttactgtta     24720
     ttaacatgtg gtttagcaca ggcggagttt cacttgtgtt ttgtgaatgt ttgatcaccg     24780
     agtggcagca taaacaacat ttggctccac cgtcctcatg ctttttactg gtcttctact     24840
     cttcttgtct aagtttagag ctgcatagtt caggtcttca ttttgcttct ggcaacacaa     24900
     aaatacaaac atattttaag aaatcaacaa acaagcaaaa tttaattatt ctaaatattg     24960
     tctgcttcct gcaataattt tctgacattt tacactgctt ggctgtttgg atttaggctt     25020
     aacacttaag tctgatatag aatttatgtt gaaaaaccaa caatagaaat catcattaga     25080
     agttctaatg taaaacaaaa atacaaacca tcaaatttac aacattaaag tgtgtgttgg     25140
     ggcatattcc agtgggtttt atataaagaa atgtcctgga aattaaatat tttttaaatc     25200
     tcgaacactg taaaaaatca aatcggttaa gttgttataa ttggttttac aaatgtaagt     25260
     ggattgaaca aaaattaaga tttgagttga tttagctcat ttttaaatta gtagtttgaa     25320
     caaatagcaa aatcattttt tgagtgaaat tccagaaaat tcttttagtt ttgtacacag     25380
     gaacttttca aaatctaaag agcctttttg gtccttttga attgaaaaga ttccataaat     25440
     gttaaaggaa acaaagacaa taagaactaa gaaagtagtg gttatgaatt aattttttta     25500
     acccatcaga aattgtcttg ttccttttat tataaacata ttaaatttat attaccttgt     25560
     gctgcagctg tttgttcatc tttttgtttt tactgtgctt tgcatctagg aaaaacaaga     25620
     caggaaatat atttttttat tgtctcatta attactgata tggtaatatc aatatgttac     25680
     actggctgta caagaaacaa gttacatttt tctgtatgtg ctgtagtgtg ttgttcacat     25740
     accttctttc ttcttcttca ttttcttcag cttgattaag gctacaatag cgaaaacagt     25800
     gggaagcaaa atgaagccgc tcgagatcag tgtcagcgtg taaaagaaac ggcaggatgt     25860
     ctcttcagtt gttcctgtta aaaccatcag gtaatcaaaa acaaaaaaga ccaaaagaca     25920
     aaaacaaaga gaacaaaatt actatcacat gaaagaaaac ttaaacaaca caggaccatt     25980
     ttttatgtgt ttgttagaca cataccataa tccgtatttg caatatcttc tttagagtga     26040
     tttgttgctt tgaagatgaa aaaaaacaag ttaataatta atcaacagca cataatatta     26100
     ctgtaaaaaa ttaaagatgc caacagatca aatgaagatt taaatactac catttactac     26160
     cactaactgt gtttgattgt gaaaattcat gtggtttcca gtaaaacttc cacagtaaaa     26220
     cattccagag tcagaaacat ccacgctgat aatcctcagt gtagaaaact ttgcattcac     26280
     tgacatctct atatgagtct gctgaaatcc atttaaatat atggagtcag caggatttgg     26340
     gccaacatat tgagtagcaa tacagactgg cagagaatca tctgtctgct tgaaccaggc     26400
     catataactg gactctttca ggatgtttga acacagaaga gaaactgtag tcccgctgta     26460
     cactgttttt gtgaaagcgg catgttttac aaagatgaca cctaaaagta aagcacagca     26520
     tgttatacac tgtaaaagta tccagaaatt agctgttgct aatagtttct gtattttgtg     26580
     attaatgttt tgatttttta tattttccaa atatttgtat gcttttgaat tgcattatca     26640
     gatcttaatc tgtcttccaa cttttacctt aaaaatttca aaaaattgta atactttaat     26700
     agtttgaagt gatatattgc ctgggctggt gttgtatatt acactacaaa aacattatga     26760
     acttccggaa cattttccgt tattttaaag acgtattttt ctctatatta tttcttatac     26820
     atcatattat tttaaacaaa tataatgtca attaaagcca ctttgttaag ctgtagagtt     26880
     gaattttcaa cagagcagag atcaagctcc cataatacaa ttcacaatcg tgagtaaagt     26940
     gaaaacaaaa cttatttaaa cgatattttt tacaaaaaag taaaaatgtt gactgagact     27000
     taaaattagc tgcatctgaa cacaatgtta caaaatgtaa atatattctg tatgatatag     27060
     agtatattct ttctgtgtac tgtagttgtg gcccagaagg gatgtctgta ggggacattt     27120
     gctatatatc tgcatttaaa gaccctacaa agtacatttt ttatggggtt ttcagtttaa     27180
     atgggaaagg acagtggaga ttattgacag gaaagtttgg gaagcagtca gtgtgtgagg     27240
     ggaaggattg gaaaaagacc ttgagtctcg aactcgggtc actgtaaaca gcagtgccat     27300
     gtgttgatgc actaacctct aacctattgg tgcagaccct acaaaatttg ataagatatt     27360
     tgactgacag aattatttga tgataaagaa aagcaatcgg aatatggatt tacataggac     27420
     tatgccaaaa gaatggtgct aaaaaagcag gagtataacc ggtttattat aatcgtttta     27480
     tttttttctt ttgtattaaa cccttgtata ctgcatttct caataagcac atttatttgc     27540
     aaacgaaaca attgaaacta cgagtatgca atatgcttaa aggtatattc attcattcat     27600
     tcattcattt tctttttggc ttagtcccta tattaatcag ggtggccaca gtggaatgaa     27660
     ccggcaattt tccagcacat gatttatgca gcgaatgtcc ttccagctcc aacccatcac     27720
     tgggaaacac ccatacactt attcacacac tacggacaat ttatcttacc caattttatt     27780
     gtagtgcatg tctctggact gtgagggaaa ctggagtatc agaagaagca gcgaccttct     27840
     tgctgtgagg cgacagcgtt acccacttca ccactgtgct gccccttata gttcactcaa     27900
     aaattcaaat tgcctcattt atactctcat gtgtctctct cttaagtttc tttcttctgt     27960
     tgaacacaaa agaagatgtt ttaaagaatg ctgcttatac aatacaatac aatacaatgg     28020
     aagccaatgg gtaccaaaag taccagcatt ccaggtatca gtattttatt ttgtgttcaa     28080
     cagaagaaag aaacccagac tggttttgaa caagcgaagg ttttgtaaat gatggcagaa     28140
     tcataatttt tgggggaact atccctttta aaacatacat caacattaaa ttaatatgcc     28200
     tttacaaatg caaaggttgt ttgctatagc ttaaaagaag atactatgaa caaagctggt     28260
     gttgttaaaa aaataaaaaa ttgtgacatt ttccaaatct gacttaaaat ataccttttt     28320
     gagctcctcg agaacaaaaa acattagagt tgttaaatgg tcatctaatc atgtaaaata     28380
     atataaatga tggtataatg taagttaaga agtattgctt taaaaactca taaaatatgt     28440
     attttaaaga tgtcagattt tgactttttg ataataacat ggccactttc aaaatcaatt     28500
     attaagaaaa gtataatgat agctttaatt aaatacataa ctataatata tgctttggtt     28560
     aggtattgca tatagtagcc gtattatttt ataagaatgt atactttatt taaatttatg     28620
     gcaaacatga tctttctgtt tcagtgtctc acgctctaaa gatagatatt gtaaaagtgt     28680
     atttacccat taaaaagagc atcagcggat gtagtccaga caaattcatg tttacgttcc     28740
     agtcgaatcg attgaactga gaacattgag ctttatttat gagaaggggg tgtggcttta     28800
     acattacatg ctccatctct tttaaagcag gatgcattct acactgtaaa gatgaccttc     28860
     aaataaagtc tcgagggttg tctaaagttg gttgcatttt tagaatataa tacatgttag     28920
     tttttttatt tcttttttta agatagtctt tgttttgttt gcaaagagtt ttaccttata     28980
     tatatatata tatatatata aatacacact atagtaagta aaaacgttaa gaaactgtga     29040
     aattattaat tcaaaaacga catttgatgt ttgttcaagc tacttgtcta aaatgagctg     29100
     aaataacaca ttcattaagt ttttttctgg cgacaactta attgttttat gttcaatcca     29160
     cttaatttgt aaaaataaaa aaaataagct taattcctcc atgttgtcct tttctatagt     29220
     atacatgtag aacaaataaa caagtttaga taaaaataag ccagttcatt gttgttcagt     29280
     gtattttaat atctcacttt tgtacacatc ccattgcaaa atctattgtc attcctgcta     29340
     tgtatattac caatcaatta attgaaataa aagtcagcca ataggtggag acattactgt     29400
     cacagtttca ctgacacaca ctcacactac ggacaattta gcctacccaa ttaacataga     29460
     gaaccggagc acccagaaaa aacccatgcg aacgcaggga gaacatgcaa tctccacaca     29520
     gaatgccaac tgagccgagg attgacccag cgacagcact acctactgtg ccattgtatc     29580
     gcctgtcaca gtgtttagtt gtcagagctg gcaatagata ctaggcctgt gttgcatttc     29640
     atagcataaa gagataagat aaagataaag catatgatta attcaccttt attcaacatt     29700
     gaggaatcca caatgtacag tgaatttata taactgaaat atattagagg ggatgattaa     29760
     taaagttaaa gaaaacttgc atcgtcatta aataaattgc atgcatgtaa cattattctc     29820
     attagatttt ttttttagag atatgttagc acagtgattg caggccgtcc acaccacaga     29880
     ccacgatgat catgctagaa ctaaagcaac ctttcaccaa attaaatggc aggggttgga     29940
     aacaaagtat cacttcctgt agggactgac aggaagtagc agttcagaac agaatgaggt     30000
     ctggtgaggt gaacttcagc atacaaacag atacatgtag agtccagtcc agtttatatt     30060
     tgaaactgct gtttagtttt attaattacc actttttaag tgcagctgca tgtggtttgg     30120
     tctggtattg attaatcatt ttaacactat caggcatttg ttacactaaa aaagcaatta     30180
     gttactttac tttaaaaaag tgattaaact ccatcttaga aatgttaagg tgacgttttt     30240
     tttgataatt atgcacatat agttcattta tttcataatt gtaaggcaac aggtttactc     30300
     acattttgaa gtacaagtaa ctaattgctt ttaaattact gaagtcattt ttgtcactaa     30360
     acaaacaaac aaaaagtccc tatattcaaa atgatgtttt attatgttta actaatatct     30420
     gtgagcagta ttaagcagta ctatgccatc aatgtttatt aaaaatgcaa aagataactg     30480
     cacttttatc aatagcgtta acaatgtctg tgttttaggt caaacaaact gcatatgagt     30540
     gtggaaatga aattatacag tatcttaaag ttctataaat gattttattt tcatttcacg     30600
     ttacatttaa atgtacattt taaaaaatta atattttaac atacactaat ttttgtatct     30660
     taaacttaaa tcttgtatct tatgctatgt ttgaattata ataatcaaaa taggtgcata     30720
     ttattgtgta ttttaataga aaaatttcac ttaaatagcc ttagattatt agtttttatt     30780
     tagtattata tttaataata attcacaata agggcagcgc agtgggtagg acaatcgtct     30840
     cacagcaaga aggttgctgg ttcgagccca ggctgggcca gttggcattt ctgtgtggag     30900
     tttgcatgtt ctccctgtgt gggttaccgg gtgctccggt tttctccaca agtccaaaaa     30960
     aatgttgtat gggtgaattg gtaagctaaa attgtctgtt gtgtgtgtga gtaaattgtg     31020
     tgtatatgga tgtttgccag taatgggttg cagctggaag ggcatctgct gcataaaaca     31080
     tgctgaataa gttggaggtt cattccgctg tggcaacctc tgatcaataa agggattaag     31140
     ccgaaaggaa aattagtgaa tgaattgaca ataataagat ataataataa taataataat     31200
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataaatact accaataata taaataataa     31260
     tatgcataat aataattatc aaatgctgtt caagacagtt acagtactgt atagtgtgta     31320
     tgtgtgagtg ttttatctaa tgctggtaga aactgtagca ttaaacttta cacacttgtg     31380
     gttttagact gagctcaggc cactcacagt cacccaataa gaatgaggag ctgctgtggt     31440
     tataagtttc cactgaagtg cttctgatta aagtgtgata gcagctcgct caactgcagc     31500
     gctgtgccat ttgacctcat gctttagtct ggtgacatta gataaaaggc ccacaatgta     31560
     gcataacaaa tacataatat gtaaatgtgt tttaaatgtc acagatcagg gcataaagta     31620
     ttcatatgat caaaatctaa tatgtgaaag tgtcaaaagt atgatttcag caccatggac     31680
     agagacagta taccaattac gctttatttt atttcatttt tatcatacta cacttgaaca     31740
     aagaagacaa aaaaaaaata gatttaagat ttcctcaatt ctgcaaatca gatctgacta     31800
     cttttattac ttttgaaact tattattaat gtgatctata cactcacagt gcacaacagt     31860
     gatgaaatat gcattcagaa tatatttgca tttaaattta gtctcgttgt ttcaccagta     31920
     tgaataattt agataacatc actcttcact tctctttgtt tttgttagac cagtaatgta     31980
     atcaaaatgt cactggctat tttaaaaagt aggaggagct gctcattaag ccccgcccat     32040
     ttccctaact gtgtgcaatc ttattttgat ttacaaagtt gtttcatcac caaagctgag     32100
     cctcgagttg atgtaaaaca ctgacactgt aatcaggaaa attagtcatc ataaacaata     32160
     atatgcaaag tattattttg tatgttcagc cagcagattt gggtagtttg ctttggattg     32220
     tgtgctgcaa agtgtccatg aaagcctcca ggagatgtgg ttagtaatca gttgttgatt     32280
     catctgagta atcttattta ccacatgggg aatttggcct ttgcttggat ggtacttgta     32340
     tgactttcat gttaaaatgg ttgactggac atttttccag catgtgctat agactgcact     32400
     agtgctcaca cactttttca gcagtaatga attcttcccg ttcatttttt tttttttttt     32460
     tgttagtcct caaagtaagg ggtttttagt tttataagcc atgatctcaa ccaactaggc     32520
     ttttaggtaa atatgcagtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgaacatg tatattgaga acaggtgtgg     32580
     atgactatat aaagaagaga ttacaaccat ataaaatgat tacactttca gcttaggccc     32640
     catcatcgca tttgcatcag tgtgacattt attaactcaa atataagaca aacgccttgt     32700
     ttttttttgt tgttgttctg cattatgcac ataactgttc aactgtatta aatataagac     32760
     tcaaaattta ttgaattgta caaaaacaat aaaatttaaa caaaaatgtt tttaaaaatg     32820
     ttgaaataat gtgaacagat gaattcagca aaataacaac aaccacggag ctcacaatag     32880
     ttatcaaaac aattagctat gattaaaaat caattttact acaaaaatgt atgtttttcc     32940
     tgaagctgtt ccactctatt taaaatgtta ttactctctg aactgcgcag ctcaatagta     33000
     tatttctttt ttaaggtcag tgcttgtcaa tgtcaacgac aattttattt tagcactatt     33060
     aaatacaatt atagctaaaa gggggcgttg cttaaaccac atgattatgc acacgcaata     33120
     caacgtgtct acgaatgaaa attgttaaca gcatcacttc ctgtagagca gcaacagaga     33180
     gaaactgctc agtacagagt gctaagagct gctgtgaact tcagcggacc accgctaact     33240
     tccacctgtt taggctatta tagtgttata aacaactctt tagaaatata taaataacac     33300
     tagtaaaata tataatttaa aatacaatat ttagtaacca gattaaattt agaaagaaaa     33360
     cagattagtt attgtattct aaaataaatc attaactaac aaagtcagat tgttcctttc     33420
     actttttcaa ttataatcaa cacattcaat ataaaaactg ttaaatgagt ttaaagttat     33480
     attgttaaaa taagaaagcc tcagggagat gtctgtttgc agctgggtgt gcacctttat     33540
     gcatgcattg cttgcacaca ttgtggtttg atgattttcc aaccacaaca ctgacctctt     33600
     gcttctgttt tgaagccttg aagcccctct gaatcaaaac cacagcaaca tccttctcaa     33660
     cagacaaaca ctgaaccaga aacatcaaac cactgcccag tttactgcca actaatttac     33720
     tttgtgttaa tttttattca ttttttgctg ttgaaaatta aaagtgatcc ccttttctga     33780
     attgatctgc atgtttaatc attgatgtgt tgaagtaaat aacagggtga gaatgcaaga     33840
     tctgaaaaca tggtaaaaaa tcagacaagg gcttttattt ttctttattg gcttttaaag     33900
     ctgggttggg tttagggaag tgagtgagtg ggtcaatcag tgcttttgaa aacacgattg     33960
     tttgggtcta gatgaaggag gaaggtgggt cagtcagtca ttcagtcaga caacagcggc     34020
     ctttggagaa tttatgtgag aacagcaggc acaaatggaa ctcatgagag aaaattagag     34080
     atctaaaaaa gtgtacacag cggcctctgg tggattcaca aaaacaaaaa gcgtagctcc     34140
     tgagatatat ttggcgttct tcagaaatgt atatagaggt acgttttcaa aatgagcctg     34200
     gattagtata ttttatttga attctggttt tgctcatttc aatatttaat gaaagataat     34260
     tattcataat gccttctgtg tttgattttt tttacaaata ggattctaca ttgctaactt     34320
     tatctcatgt acagtaattt aaaaaaagta gtcagttaat aaaaataatt gattaacaca     34380
     aaaatgactt cagcaattgt tttggaaatg aagtatggat tccagatatg cagtgaacag     34440
     agaaataaaa tcctgacatt ttcttgacaa actatgttgt ttgcctttag ggaaatctag     34500
     caataggtgt aatttgtgaa gggaaacagc ctgtacagtt taaaataaac aatttaatca     34560
     aagctattat atctgcctgt atttattaac aaaaatagaa tttaatacat gtcacttttt     34620
     aagagcgaga gatcgagaga gcgattgttt gttatactga ccacaattat tctcttttgc     34680
     agattttcaa aggctgacca catgaaaaga tgtcggtctt tgttgaaaaa aatggtcgag     34740
     catcgcttca gcagttctca atctacactg agcggctgct tcaagtttac aggaagtgac     34800
     atgtatcatc gctcgctctc tttatcccct tataactgca cggccacaca cctctgtggt     34860
     aaagacacgg tacatcaaaa taatctaact gaaacactca cacacacttc agagtctgag     34920
     ataataatca gtaagacctt tattgctaaa tatctagagc actgagaaac tgcaaaactg     34980
     tgtgaaattt atcaaatatt tttcacaatt tgtgtcatat taattcctgt ctcagtctgt     35040
     gggtttaatc tgttcttata acactttgta tttgacttat tatgttcata atggactaat     35100
     gcaccagaaa ttgttgtgtt tttgtcagag gctggaaaga ggaatcatgt ttaattttaa     35160
     catatttaaa atatcgcctc ctactggaac gttttgttac tgattgctgt caacctattc     35220
     acagacaagc agaacaaact caaaaatgga aagtaaaggg ctcctatttt acttcttttt     35280
     caagatttag gatgagtctt ttgcatctcc aaaatgtgtc tgttaagttt cagctgaaaa     35340
     tttccatcag attatttatt aaatctttca gaatattttc tactttaaac acttatgtag     35400
     ctgtttttgt tgcctgtgcc tttaatgcta gttctccccg cccaccgttt ccatgtgcct     35460
     gtcagagtgt gcctcaatct cctcctcagc tgcgtcagat gaaggaagca gatctcactc     35520
     aacgtttgta aaaaatacta cagtaagaac tttcccaatg attatttgat gtatttgttg     35580
     tggagttcaa gcctttttgt aacgatgaat tacacatagt ttcattacaa agttcatgca     35640
     cataaacaca gtggacacac acacacacag tgtgcttgtt taactttgca ctgtttttga     35700
     acagcaaatg tgacatgata catgttaata taataatgat aagcatcttc ttttataatt     35760
     gtactgacat gcagctgtgg tggtaaagac tgtaaaatca ctgtaattta ttacaaacat     35820
     gcactgtttt aaaaatgttt taaacttgta aaactcactc ttgatctcat ttgatgatga     35880
     ttgatgatca cagagagctg aacagatctt ttaatcctgg ttgctttgcg cacatcttgt     35940
     cttgttgaaa tgattataca cgttactata aagacatgtt aatacgcagc tgtcaatcaa     36000
     ataattgggt ggagaaaact gcactcctac ggcacgttgc agtgggcctc aaaattggag     36060
     ggatttggat ccttttttaa tgttaggaaa ttaacaaaaa gagacttatt gcctttgtat     36120
     caccccagta tgacagtgga aacactatat ctaaacacag ttctgtccaa acagcttcag     36180
     aaagaagatt ttcatcatag gtgccctata atattgctgt cagtaaagtg atagttcacc     36240
     caaaaatgaa aaattatttt atcatttact cacccgtaaa cacgctggtt ttcagcattc     36300
     ttcagaaaat attgtttagt atttaacaga agaaaaaaaa cctcaaacgt gagtaaatga     36360
     tgacagaatt ttctttttta gatgcttcaa tactgtttgg cttgttttaa ataggcctat     36420
     cggatctaca gtgtataggg taataaagct ttgtagtact tctgaaatga tgagaatttt     36480
     gcttgcgtaa tattgcagta ctgatgggac tgagttaata aatatagttg ggaaaatata     36540
     gacagtaaaa attactacaa ttgacatcaa atattgcagt ggtgtatcca agtgaaagga     36600
     gttctttagc atgaaaactt gttttgttca ttgggaatta attggatcac tattatttgc     36660
     tattggttga tgacatgtga atgacattta ttgccccgcc ctcatggcat attgaaagca     36720
     tgcattgctc ctgaatatat agaaaagtga aaagtaatgg taaacattat tgcatgaaat     36780
     aggggaagtt attctgatca agcattataa aaatacaggc tgataaaaaa agaagagctg     36840
     tcagttttga ttttcacagc gactttcaaa acttgaattc tagactgaca tcatgcatga     36900
     tggcactacc gacgtcacga caggacaata aatacataaa aactaataaa aaaagaaaca     36960
     tttttttcct aaagacataa gttcactagc tagattattg ttttatcttt tatgaacgtt     37020
     ttcaaaaagt cattccccat acagtcaatt atattttttc ctggccaaaa aaaaatttaa     37080
     atgtaaattg tatttgtgtt gttcgataaa atacatttct gaagtctttg aaaatatata     37140
     tgatgtatgt ttaaatagcc tgtgttgatt ggtttatgtg gaaataaagc ttttcttaat     37200
     gttacatgaa tttatcttct aggattgaaa tatatggagg gtaaaatata gattaaaatg     37260
     ttaaaaatgg tctatgtatt tttaaaaaat gtaattatgt taatttattg ttaaatttat     37320
     taagtaaata tatttttggc cattttttat ttagaaatat gcatgaaaat atattttttt     37380
     tactgtatga gacaatagcc tacagcatct catttttgct gcataaattc tcactactca     37440
     aacatgtttt gatattttat ggtaaacaaa tattgacaga aaaaagccct gtgtttgtca     37500
     acagcataaa cccctacagc agaatagaag atacaggatt tgtacatttc tgaagggagc     37560
     tgctgatcag aacattattt attaaactgt aatataaacg ttttgtgagc aacacttttc     37620
     acattttgac accagcagac aagctaatct agtgcaaatc acagcataaa tgtatgaatt     37680
     taaccacaat taaaaacatg tgagaggatt aactgtcaac tgtttttgca aaataagtga     37740
     aaattaaaca aacacatatt actagatcac ctctatcagg ataaaaagga gagaaagcat     37800
     gaaaataaaa taggtgaaag aaatgacgag gacagtattt gagttttaca ttgtttattt     37860
     ataattcaac aacattcaaa atcagccctc cacccctgtt tattatataa catagactcc     37920
     atcaccacca ccacattgaa accgtaacgc tgtctccacc acatcctcct cttcctcctt     37980
     cttcaatttc tccacatcct tcttgacatt ctcctcctca tttatcatgt cccatttcgt     38040
     tattttactt ttcttccccc tctgtctctt cttctttgac ttctcttttc cagtcctttt     38100
     ctccttcttt gacttctctt tctcagtcct tttctccttc tttgacttct ctttctcagt     38160
     ccttttctcc ttctttgact tctctttctc agtccttttc tccttctttg tcttctcttt     38220
     ctcagtcctt ttctccttct ttgtcttctc tttctcagtc cttttctcct tctttgtctt     38280
     ctctctcttt ccatatctct ccctcctcca tctcttgttc ttcaactttt cttcctgaat     38340
     tcttcttttc tctttcttac tcatctcctc ctcttcctca atgctattat actcctcctc     38400
     ctcctttgtg ttcacctccg ccatcttctc catcatttca gttttatccg tttcctcctc     38460
     cttcttctct gttattgtag ttttctcctc ctcctcctct ttctttctgt tccgtcctct     38520
     cctccctctt ctggtcttcc ttttcttttt ctccaccttt ttcacctcct cctcctcaac     38580
     tttctcctct tcctccttca tgatctcttc ttgatcatct gtttaaagag aaatgattgc     38640
     agtttacaca ttcagaggat gttcaacacc aggtgagggg aaaataatac aatttattaa     38700
     tgacatcaca gacaaatata tatatagaca taaatatggt gatttaccat cagtggcttg     38760
     gtctgctgga atggaggggg atttttcttc tggatttttc tcctctttat tctcctcctc     38820
     caccaccatc atgttctcat tctcctcctc ctccaccaca tctgtcaaga agacattaaa     38880
     cttcaggtaa gaccaggtaa taaaatacaa tttatttaaa gcattaaagt ctattattta     38940
     gcatcataac atgtatctgt tgaatcaccc agagtgaagc agaacatcgc tttgaaaaag     39000
     gaagcgatct ggctcctttt cttcttcctc tcctcctttt tcttcctctt tttctcctct     39060
     ttctccttcc ttttcaactc cttctgcttc attttctcct ccatctctag atcaactgaa     39120
     gtttacagaa agttaattat tgtagtggta ctttttttct taacacaagt tgtgtttctc     39180
     ttttcatgtg tcacagtaat gatcgatcta caggttattt agtgcaataa cacatcctta     39240
     agtttgtatt gtctgagttt tttagtttaa aagtatatga ggtttaaatg gcaagtggag     39300
     atgaaaataa cactgttatt aaagccccac tgctaataac ttgtatttca cttccatcca     39360
     tttgatcaaa taaaggtaaa ctcccaataa tgattaaaca tattctaaat aagcacattt     39420
     catattgttg ggttactttt gaaacatttg atggaagcca aatgcaaaat gaacatgcaa     39480
     ttgaatgttt ttttgcaaag ataaaggaca aaataggctg cggttaacat attcacaatg     39540
     tcagatattt ttaaaataag ctattaaatc cagcacatag gggagcgcaa gtcacaaagt     39600
     aacatggggt gaaatgtaac aaagttttaa ggtatttgct cggggttaac catggcatgc     39660
     tatcaaggtt ttcaccacag tgatggcaaa tgtcttcctg ccaattattg aaaaggtttg     39720
     gtgcaattta tatgagaaac aggaaaatct atttttgcag cataaaagta tttttattat     39780
     agtcaatatt tttattaaaa aaagtaagta aaatcttaaa ttgctgtgat tactgtcttc     39840
     taggttaaaa gattacagtg actgctagcc agtttagagg aaaacacaac acagcagggt     39900
     tagttgtaac agggtgttac aaaataggcc acacactgtt ggacaataat taaacaaaca     39960
     aaataatggc tgaattttga gtgtaatgtt gacaactttt caaataataa atataaacac     40020
     actgagctat gtagaataaa aaataactac tgaggaaata cacgatttaa agttagcttg     40080
     atttaaatta attttgggaa atctgccttt ttaagcatgt gttaaaacca accctctctc     40140
     tgttacaact tgccatacag gtggggtaaa cagtaacagt tactactgta tattgtttag     40200
     tccccgctct ccacacacta tttactcacc ccaagtgttt cttttacggt tttctttctt     40260
     cggaacagaa agcaagacgt tttgataaaa caatatttgt tgaaagtgtg aaatatcgac     40320
     caaccgccac aactacaaat caacaaaaga tttctctgag ctgcacagct taaaaatgac     40380
     gttcatctac tgcaactatg gtaacaagac accgcaaacg ccacaaaatt gagtgcaaat     40440
     attgttagat gtacaaatcc atattaacgg aataaaagcg ggtctaagtg tcattaacaa     40500
     catgtaaatt ataatttgac atagcctatc cctcatggag tgtcactgtt ctgcaatttt     40560
     cagctttaat ttgcctgacg tggaaatatg aataatctct gaattaggtg tttaattgga     40620
     tcggccacgg ccatccctaa ctctggctat accccaaaat gatttgctgt tgatattatt     40680
     cttttaaatg tacttatgta aattcacaaa tatttaaata aataaataaa acaaacaaat     40740
     aaataaaatg ctgccactaa aatattgtgg attgattggt gccactgacg tactaattca     40800
     ttgccccttc accgccccga tcctcgttga cagtacgcac acaccttcaa tagacagcaa     40860
     agcatttata cctcagggta tatcaataga agaagctgca ttaataatat tgtggctaaa     40920
     aaaaaaaaaa aacgataaat gatattatta gggtctgtat agtgagtgtg tatatagtaa     40980
     tgtattttgt tcagtttatt catgtgtttt tgtatattaa ttcattaatt ttagacatgg     41040
     catagccttt actgtatgct gtaaaataaa agtatatgga aaaataactg aaaagatgat     41100
     tatacatata aaagatgttt ttaaactaac taatgaaatt tatttggttt gcacatgtac     41160
     ttgttgaatt atttcaagga ataaattgga atatttcaag aataattaat taattaaaac     41220
     catattattt catttaccag taacaaaaat ataacattac actgaattca taattgtttt     41280
     tgtgtgtgcc acctcaagat tcggtgtggc ctcttctggc cacccctaaa aagaaattct     41340
     gggggcgcca cagcatccag gaccaggttt gacaccacaa actgctcaac atgtcattcc     41400
     tctttttcac cagcagagga gactgttgac caatacttga catgtagggg gtcaataaat     41460
     atgtaatggg tgcatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     41520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tattgtaaaa agtggcccac ctacaaaaat     41580
     ttaggcgatt gaatggatgt attttgaata catccataac gtattgttgc aagtacaccc     41640
     gtctgcagcc cgcagatcgg ggcggggctg aatatggggc aggactgagc ccataagtgg     41700
     gcgggactga acatgtcgct ccgcctacaa gtctttaatt ggttcacgga gacatattga     41760
     cgttgatgta atgtatgctt tcgattccgg ttttcatctc tgcatggtaa gtacacgtct     41820
     tctgtcatgt aaagggttaa attatagtgc agtacacctc acgagctacg tattatatgt     41880
     aatttattta attaaaggcc tttaaggaga tatgaagttt taaaaccttt aaaaaaatgt     41940
     tttctgtgtt agggttggcg ttatccaggt tgatcgtaca gttggcggtc ttattcactt     42000
     aaaagaataa tgtaaacttt aaagagtttc gagcaacaca gtccatcaca tgaagtttat     42060
     tgatatcaaa gataacaaaa tatatttttc tttgtggcat gttctctaat ttatatactc     42120
     tggtaatgtt aatgctaaat atgtacaata ttaattgaac ttactgatct atactacatt     42180
     ttgtttgtag atcattggca ttgatatata ttcatcacta tgattcttgt ggagcatatt     42240
     ctctgtttta tttcatttta cctcagttat ttctctgttt ctgttttaat agatttttgc     42300
     ttttaatttg cttttaaata tatttattta cacttcatgt tctctttttt ttgtttactt     42360
     tataatccat gaatgaaact tatgcaaagg ggaatgtgag gagggggcat gcgtagtaca     42420
     aacatatttt attctttgag tttaacttta atatacttta tgttaagcga catgttgatg     42480
     attgttggtt attttgtaca gatgccgcct gagatcctgc agtgtatcct actgagagtt     42540
     gtcacacagg atggtgatgg gacatttctg caacactcac tgacatccag gacctgctga     42600
     gccgtcattc attcattcat tttcttgtcg gctttgtccc tttattaatc tgggttcgcc     42660
     acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc aagtctttac gcagctgatg cccttccagc     42720
     cgcaacccat ctctgggaaa catccacaca tacattcaca cacactacgt acaatttagc     42780
     ctaccaaaat cacctgtacc gcatgtgttt ggactgtggg ggaaactgga gcacccggag     42840
     gaaacccacg caaaggcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacgcc aactgagctg     42900
     aggttcgaat cagcgaccca gcaacgttct tgctgtgagg tgacagcact aactactgcg     42960
     ccactgcctc gccgagccat tgtcagtaat ccaaaattca agaagcaggc tgtgtgtgtg     43020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttttg tgtgtacaca tgataaagaa tacagaatat gccaagcact     43080
     tttttttaca gtactccatt agttgtaaaa ctttgaatta tggttgtgtc ttgcttaaat     43140
     atgtacttga ttttttttta ggtttcatca atcagagtgc catatacttt gacaaagtgc     43200
     tttgtctgtt gggtatggcg agaggggggt cctgcaagca ttcagttcaa caaatgactt     43260
     cccaatatat tgctcagcag attgttactt ctgtagtgga atttccctgt aaaatatata     43320
     tataatagtt tttatgttta ttaaaggtaa taataatcac aaactgctgt atcttaaatt     43380
     attattatta ttttctttaa attgtcagtc ttccttttgt acatgtgtgc atgtgcatac     43440
     gcagatgttc tgtaggtgag acatctgaca tctaaaaaaa cacagatctg ccagattttt     43500
     aattaaaccg agaaagaggg actttcaaca gagtgtaatg ctttgtgttg gtgtttttac     43560
     tgaagatgaa gttggtatgt atttatcagc atttgtcaaa taaaaaattc agaagcttac     43620
     acgagtgctg tacttattat tgtcaaattt attttcatta atttgtgtcc tgataaataa     43680
     gtaataaata aaactggccg tttgtgccac cctactaata taatattaag tgtattaaat     43740
     attctaatta aatgaaatag attaacaatg ttgtatgtga ctcttaataa ccaaacaaaa     43800
     tcattataaa aaatattttt aaagatctac agtgcagaaa tggatccaga agggttgtta     43860
     gaaagaggta ttaaagtatt taccctgtat ttacaaatat tacaaaaata aaaccaagaa     43920
     gactgcattt taatttagta atattagatt ataaaattat ttgtaactta ttaattaaaa     43980
     tgtagaacag atattaaaac cacccagtag gtggcagcag agcactgtct tcattcaaat     44040
     ggagaaactg aacaaaacta atggattggt aaataataaa taatgaaatt gattgcatcc     44100
     atagataaca caccatgtaa tatgaaaaaa aattaatgaa aaaatttact tatgctgtaa     44160
     catttacata taacagataa tatacattta tattcatagc agcatcaaag taaaaataaa     44220
     tccatcatat gatgaaataa tctgatttaa taagtaaaaa ggttacaaac ttcccttaat     44280
     aaataatagc ttatccctgc tcttaataaa actcaaagca gtgcagtatt gaaagagaaa     44340
     caattggaca catgcccaat attttgaata gccttaaatc aaagtataat tttaatattt     44400
     tcaattgtac attttccaga aaactctccc attcaaagat aaagaattaa actgaactaa     44460
     aaacactgca tttttatttt agtttttctc tctctatctt tatttgttgt aaatgtgcaa     44520
     tatgcaattg cattttgaag caaaataata aaccattaaa atatcaaaat taaaatcact     44580
     gcatttctta agtgacacca ttgtgaaaag agtcttttga atcttatgta atatttttta     44640
     gcaggagaaa taccattatg aaattcacat aactgttaac ataattaaca tataaaacac     44700
     tcagcaagca tgtccacttt tgtgtatttt tgtgtttatt aacaataaaa acaatattta     44760
     agaagttgga aatgcatttc ctgtttactt acaccacgta gtgggcattc acgctattac     44820
     gtttccacta accaatgaaa ttacaggtgg gcgtggctga atgtgcagcc ccgccccaca     44880
     ttcatccccg cccagatctg caggctgcag acaggggctt ctatattgtt gggctaatcc     44940
     caaagttatt tttgtatatc ctgtagaggg cgcttaatgg ataaaaaaat gttgaacaga     45000
     gcagctcggg tcagagttca ttgaagacag tcagagctcg tgttgatttg tttctttact     45060
     tctttgcagg taagagaaat attgtttgta taaacactta aaattaagtt aaatgggtca     45120
     ggatggtttc gttacacatg ggaatgcaga tttatgcagt cttgtgaaat taattggttt     45180
     tgtgtgattt tagtgaacta attaacttgt gtaatctttt aactaatgtg caaagaaaca     45240
     tagcagaatt agtaagcatt tacacaaaat gagttcatga gtgtgtttga agagtttaaa     45300
     atgtgaacaa ttgtaattat agtaagaaat cgtcgtaaga cgaattgatg gtaaaagtag     45360
     cagtgttgag ccaaaatggc gacaacaata tgtgagttag agccaaaatg gtgtcgtcta     45420
     tgtgaaacaa agaggcaaac tagtttaatg aaatattagt agttacatta atgttcatgt     45480
     tttgtcataa tctttatata tgtgaactaa atgttttagt taaaaaagag agcatttgta     45540
     acagtaatgt gattgtttac aagtatacag tatttaaatg cctgataaaa tgaacagtac     45600
     atacgccatc agatcacaaa aatacaagaa ctttattgta tagatggaca ttcagttaca     45660
     tacagtttat tgcaagttta ttgtttacaa tggtgacaac caaaaactgt tgttttattc     45720
     agtaaaaaaa ggttttgtgt ttccttttga agaaaaaatg cagagttcat taaagaccgt     45780
     cagagctcgt attgatttgt ttctttactt ctctgcagtt atacatttca cttacctgtt     45840
     tgggtctctt cagcctgagg cgggtaacag acacaatcag ttccaccagt tgaggatgcc     45900
     tcttctcagg gtaaatcatt cattcattca ttttattttt ggcttagttc ctttattaaa     45960
     caggcgtcga cacagttgaa tgaactgtca acttattcag cacatgttgt acacagcaga     46020
     tacccttcca gcctcaaccc atcacaggga aacacccata cactctcatt cctcaatgta     46080
     agtatcagag atatgaattt atgatccaaa tcaatatttg ttcttgatta ttacctgagt     46140
     ttgtgcatga acaaaatgaa aaaatgttaa aaaagtataa tagagattac atgacttaat     46200
     ttatttttac cacagaggct gtatcacttt tggctttcag aaaaaaaaat tgtttacatg     46260
     taaattcatt tataagagaa ttgcttcaat ttgttgttga cttaaatctc atttttagat     46320
     gctgtgaaat cgaataacct cgtcatcggc actgtaaaag tgatttgtta agtttactca     46380
     attgaactgt gcaaactcat tgccttcaat taagtaatct taacttaata gaatcagctc     46440
     atatttacta aaagtaatta tcacttctgt tgagtcacgt ttactctggt catttaagta     46500
     aagttaactt aatcaaaact gtgatccgag gaatggtgct agtaaagttt tcttaaacat     46560
     acttacagtg tatgattgtg tattaataat aaatgtgtat attgatatta tagtttcaaa     46620
     aacatggtaa actagtaaaa accacagctg tcttttcata attctaaaca tttattttca     46680
     caatactgaa tatcagaaac agtggagaaa atcagtattt aaagggagaa ttcacccaaa     46740
     actgtaaatg ctgtcatcat ttattctctc ttcacttgtt caaaaccttt ttcctctgtt     46800
     gaacacacaa gaagatattt tgaagaatgc tggaagctgc ttgacttcca tagtaactgt     46860
     ttttgtctac agaagtcaat agttgtctgt aaccagcatt caacagagaa aagtaacgca     46920
     aaggttaaaa actgcataaa ggatggaata attttcattt ttggtgaaat atcccttcaa     46980
     catacagtgc attttttttc tttctttttt tgcatgaaaa cttaaaaagt cctgcataaa     47040
     atgcatgaac atatctcagg cataataatt ttttcagcat gtcatgttgg aaggttttaa     47100
     aacttagtcg aatataagtc aacacagatt taagtcggat gacctcaact gtctaatctg     47160
     cattgcatat ctctgcattc ataacactat tcagtgatca ctctggcaga tcagtcagat     47220
     catgttgtct gatcttcatc aatatagtat tagtatacag taactcatta acacgcacgt     47280
     ccagaaataa caaaacatac aaatttattc attttttttt tttttttttt gcttagtccc     47340
     tttattaatc tggggtcacc acagcggaat gaaccggcaa tttatccagc atatgtttta     47400
     tgcagcggat gcccttccaa ctgcaaccca tcactgggaa acacctatac actctcattc     47460
     atacacatac tacgttcaat ttagcatact taattcacct ataacgcatg tcttgtgggg     47520
     aaaaccagag cacccagagg aaacccatgc caacacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacgcc     47580
     aactgactca gctgaagctt gaaccagcaa ccttcttgct gtaaggcgac agcgctaccc     47640
     acttcaccaa tgcgccgccc tgaacacata caaataataa ctaaattgtt tagaaatatt     47700
     ttaaataaaa ccgaattcaa aaactgaact aacatgtttt ccttactggc tacgacatct     47760
     gagccaattc tacatcctaa aacaggtcat cacagtggca gtggtcttgt gttctgctgg     47820
     tcaatctcag gctttttctg cctagatttc gggtccaaaa aaagcgcgcg gtaaattaat     47880
     caatattatt tgcatttata gtcgtaatgt ttatttccac gcataatcac agatgattta     47940
     tcttttgtaa attgttcaaa tattggtgtc agcaaatcca caggtgcttt tgtaaatatt     48000
     caatttaata tgagacattg actaataagg gatcattatt gagatgttga agttcacttg     48060
     agttgtggtt tggagtttag aaatgacact ttctttacat tatgtacttc atgccacaaa     48120
     aaccatatga catttcaaat tagtgaaata actgattata ttattagatt agtatgcaaa     48180
     tttagcgaat gtaatttgta cacgcatagg ctaatggtga aattggtgaa aataatactt     48240
     atagtaagaa tgactattgc tgcatcagta aagtatacaa aaaacttcac gttaaattaa     48300
     gtcaactgaa aaagtcaagt tcaaataatt gtttatagca aataattgtt gaaaattaaa     48360
     ccattttatc cttcacaaca tcctgtatca gtcttaagtg cttaataggc ccatgaacat     48420
     ttcctgcctt atatcaaact atttcataac cataacaaga ggcaaaactc tatgttaaaa     48480
     cagctgtcat aacagagtga tgagaagatg acggatgttt actgtatgat ggatgttgac     48540
     tgtgtcgtga aatggcctta aacaataact aaatgcacta ctgaatgtta ctttgacaca     48600
     catgcacact ttacatgtaa acacatcagc tttttacagc gtaatactca atacttgtga     48660
     gtacttttgt aagggctact ttttactcat actttgagta atatttacaa cagatacttt     48720
     tattctacct gctctacatt tttggacaag taatggaact tttacttgag tatgattttc     48780
     agtactcttt ccaccactgt caatatgtgt gttttttttt tgattctcga aagctatata     48840
     ggtaattaaa atgtaaaaca ggaaatgcgt tgggaccatt gttattgttt acatccttca     48900
     aaatggtcta tagttttctg ataatctgca gatcatctta ctgcataaac agcatgtgtc     48960
     tcaacatcct tgaaagtcct tacgagccca ctgttgtttt tagcaaaatg tacaggtgcg     49020
     aagttcaagt ctgaatcttt attctggaaa ataaataaat aaataaatta attaattaaa     49080
     tatatacata aaatacaaaa aaaaatctat attttatatt tggaaaacct tgtgcaactg     49140
     atgtaactct tcattgtgat catgaaactc agcatctaag caaaacaaaa aaagtcatca     49200
     ataccatttt taattgaatt aataaagctg gatgggtatt tcagtgtatt ttaacggatt     49260
     cacatgcctt tatgcttact tgatttcttt agccttatta agactacaat agcaaaacca     49320
     gtagaaagta aaatgaagcc gctcgagatc agtgtcagtg tgcaaaagaa aaagcaggat     49380
     gtaggcgtct gttcagttgt tcctgttaaa atcattcaaa aacagaaaga gacagaaaaa     49440
     gttatttata aaaattaaca tgaaattact tttcattttt agagagaaaa tgcaaagaac     49500
     agctttttat gtgtgtttgt gtgacacata ctatgatctg tattttgagt atcttcttcc     49560
     ttgaactgat ttgtcacttt gaagattaaa aacacacata aataattaat attcattttc     49620
     aatcaaaagc acataacagt attggaaaaa aattaagatg ataatagatc aaactgagat     49680
     ttaaacatta ccgtttacta caactaactg tgtttgattg tgaaacttca tgtggttttc     49740
     gataaaactt ccacagtaaa acattccaga gtccgaaaca tccacgctga taatcctcag     49800
     tgtagaaaac gttgcattca ctgacatctc tatacgagtc ttctgaaatc cattcaaata     49860
     tatggagtca ggatttgtgc caacatattg agtaacaata cagagtggca gagaatcatc     49920
     tgtctgcttg aaccaggcta tataactgga ctctttcagg atgtttgaac acagaagaga     49980
     aactgtagtt ccgctgtacg ttttcgtgaa agttgaaaag gcatgtttta caaagatgac     50040
     acctaaaaac aatgaagaac agtaagttgt aagataagaa gttatattta gatgcatctg     50100
     aaacagtgtt ataattgtaa attttttctg tatgatatat aatttttctg taatatgtag     50160
     cagtgggcca aaactgatgt ctgcatttgc gccttcccca tgtccactat atttgcgcaa     50220
     tattgactct taatgacctt acaaagttta ataagatatt tcactgacct aaagttatgt     50280
     gatgagccaa agctaattga aaatatgttt atatacaaat tttaaatata atagctaatt     50340
     tctaataact gagttctttt atctttgcca tgatgacagc acatatttga ctagatattt     50400
     ttttcaagat actagtattc agcctttact gcaatttaaa ggcttcactg ggttatttag     50460
     gcaaatcctt gtataaagat ggtttcttct gtaaacaatc tatatatata tatatatata     50520
     tatatatata tagtacttta aatgttttag ttttttatta aaaactaaaa aagttttata     50580
     aaaaattgta gctgaaataa aactaagaca attttaccag aataaaaaat atattagaag     50640
     aggagaaaaa ttaaaaaaat caagaggtca aaaattaaag aagagttaaa aattgttact     50700
     ttaactgcat atattgagcg taagaaaact tgagagtagg taaatgatga tattatttca     50760
     atttcaggat gtactttttc ctttaaaact gttaagtaat aaataatttt attctctctt     50820
     atgagaagat gctgttagaa ttgcaattag aattagacag actttcgcaa tgtggaaaaa     50880
     aaaaaacacc aaacctaaaa catattttga agatttgaga ttttttactt tgtgaaaata     50940
     gcatggcagt gtttttaaat tggaatccaa aaataatgat aaacgtataa ataacatgag     51000
     cactctgtac aataagatc                                                  51019