Summary of Content for Current Release.

A number of parameters are measured after each data release...

Parameter No. Parameter Value
Parameter No. Parameter Value
1 Release Number 190
2 Release Date 15-JUL-2018
3 Total number of Structures 156,299,881
4 Total number Assignments* 260,324,533
5 Number Current Assignments 198,023,806
6 Number Obsolete Assignments 62,300,727
7 Number of Sources 35

For an explanation of 'Assignments'(*) click here.

The 'Total Number of Structures' includes obsolete structures (ie: structures which are not currently assigned to any src_compound_id from any source).

For source-specific stats, go to the summary page for the source (ie: via Sources page).

The Release Date indicates the date that the release schema of UniChem was Last updated. The public facing version may be actually updated 2-3 days later than this date.

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