Meaning of Obsolete Assignments

What does the option 'Include obsolete src_compound_id assignments' mean on the main query interface page ?

The default behaviour of the main query interface page when querying with src_compound_id's is as follows...

Firstly, UniChem looks up the structures to which the query src_compound_id is currently assigned. Then, it retrieves all the assignments, BOTH current AND obsolete for these structures and presents them to the user. Note that during the first step in this process, only structures that are currently assigned to the query src_compound_id are looked up. This is considered to be the behaviour that most users would probably expect and require from the system.

However, by checking the 'Yes' box for 'Include Obsolete src_compound_id assignments' this behaviour may be changed such that the first step looks up structures to which the query src_compound_id is has both current AND obsolete assignments. Note that the second step remains the same regardless of whether this option is selected or not: Thus in both cases the output will contain all assignments, both current and obsolete, if they exist.

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