Andrew Cowley

Andrew Cowley
EMBL-EBI alumnus

Andrew Cowley was scientific training officer for e-learning in EMBL-EBI's Training team. Before joining the training team he was the Bioinformatics training & support project lead for EMBL-EBI's Web Production team which involved working on tools, training, and helping users with all kinds of questions via the EMBL-EBI help desk. He has particular expertise in sequence alignment tools and programmatic access to EMBL-EBI resources.

Andrew studied Biochemistry at Cambridge before moving to York University for post-graduate studies in Bioinformatics and then Structural Bioinformatics, in particular working on the identification of distinctive features in protein structure. He worked as a Bioinformatics specialist for BBSRC Bioscience IT Services from 2005 before starting at EMBL-EBI in 2010.

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