Ola Spjuth

Virtual Research Environments (VREs) are systems that assist researchers by providing an environment with the necessary tools and data, backed by an appropriate e-infrastructure, enabling them to carry out research e.g. data analysis. There can...

Steffen Neumann

Metabolite identification is a crucial step when trying to understand e.g. the courses of a disease on the metabolomic level. In this webinar we will briefly introduce the MetFrag system and then focus on using MetFrag in Galaxy as part of the...

Kenneth Haug

This quick tour provides a brief introduction to the EBI's metabolomics resource: MetaboLights .

Fabien Jourdan

Metabolomics datasets are the outcome of biochemical events ruled by enzymatic reactions. All these reactions, and related substrates and products, can be gathered in a single mathematical object called a metabolic network. In this webinar, we...

Antonio Rosato

Metabolomics is a well-established tool in systems biology, especially in the top-down approach. Metabolomics experiments often results in discovery...

Tim Ebbels

Metabolomic datasets are becoming increasingly large and complex, with multiple types of algorithms and workflows needed to process and analyse the data. This makes it difficult for researchers to make sense of their data without access to...

This course provides a basic introduction into the rapidly emerging field of metabolomics and its importance and applications.

Reza Salek

Join Reza Salek on an introductory tour of metabolomics. This webinar will help you understand what metabolomics is and how it can be used to inform biological research. It will also introduce the basics of the analytical technologies...

The PhenoMeNal Gateway is the portal to your own PhenoMeNal Cloud Research Environment (CRE) containing an array of essential metabolomics applications, all available through a user-friendly Galaxy workflow environment. This course will give you...