EMBL-EBI resources: An introduction

The EMBL-EBI is the home of the world's most comprehensive range of freely available molecular databases and resources. Our resources help researchers share and analyse data and perform complex queries in many different ways. Join Tom Hancocks in this webinar for a tour of the core data resources at EMBL-EBI. Tom was also joined by Jenny Cham who made a sketchnote of the webinar.

This webinar was recorded on the 1st February 2017. It is best viewed in full screen mode using Google Chrome.

Sketchnote of the webinar

Figure 1: Jenny's sketchnote of our webinar on EMBL-EBI resources.

Some interesting questions about accessing EBI data programmatically, exploring gene expression data. You can explore these two topics by following these links.

See the EMBL-EBI training pages for a list of upcoming webinars.

No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be useful.

About this course

Learning objectives: 
  • Discuss some of the major data resources available at EMBL-EBI
  • Be able to perform basic searches for genes and proteins using the EBI search