What is PhenoMeNal?

PhenoMeNal infrastructure

PhenoMeNal (Phenome and Metabolome aNalysis) is a comprehensive, scalable, standardised, secure, and sustainable e-infrastructure that enables metabolomics researchers to process and analyse both small and large-scale metabolomics datasets. The e-infrastructure, funded by the European Commission’s H2020 programme (grant agreement number: 654241), offers a solution to the challenges being faced by those handling, processing and analysing complex and large-scale metabolomics datasets. The computational services provided within PhenoMeNal enables you to further improve the understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying health, healthy ageing and disease. The infrastructure is generic and can also be used for other omics studies and non-clinical applications if needed but may require integration of tools from those domains.

”Information” A phenotype is a set of observable characteristics of an organism and is the combined result of the organism’s genetic makeup and external environmental factors. Metabolic phenotyping, or measuring and modelling all metabolites of an individual, provides insights into disease risk factors and aetiology. This information can be used for personalised medicine (1).

PhenoMeNal Gateway: portal to metabolomics tools and workflows

The PhenoMeNal infrastructure provides access to popular metabolomics analysis tools such as XCMSrNMRIPOWorkflow4Metabolomics and MetFrag among many others (see the App library for a full list), and combines them with the computing power of the cloud environment. All of these are available through user friendly workflow environment tools. You can create your cloud research enviornment (CRE) and browse metabolomics tools from the PhenoMeNal Gateway homepage (Figure 1).

Figure 1 The PhenoMeNal Gateway homepage is easily accessible by clicking on the ‘Portal’ tab in the menu on the PhenoMeNal project website. You can create your cloud research environment (CRE) and browse metabolomics tools from this page.