How can I create my own CRE?

You can create a cloud research environment (CRE) in PhenoMeNal from the PhenoMeNal Gateway homepage by clicking ‘Create Cloud Research Environment’ button (A) or the ‘CRE’ tab (B) or the ‘Sign in’ tab (C) on the top menu (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Starting a CRE.

Creating a PhenoMeNal CRE takes four steps (Figure 4)

  1. Sign into the PhenoMeNal Gateway by using the Elixir Single AAI (A)
  2. Choose your preferred login account: Google, Institutional account, ORCID or LinkedIn (B)
  3. Choose the cloud provider you want to use and sign in. You can either use the freely provided PhenoMeNal cloud or a commercial cloud provider such as Amazon or Google or Open Stack (C)
  4. Register you account (D)

Make sure you keep track of your account details as you will need them each time you access the PhenoMeNal CRE.

You can find step-by-step instructions on creating a CRE in PhenoMeNal on our help pages: Starting a PhenoMeNal CRE via PhenoMeNal Portal.

Figure 4 Registering with PhenoMeNal.