Finding your way around Galaxy

Once you have created your cloud research environment, you will be able to access the PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance which contains a set of tools for metabolomics analysis. Use your username and password created in the previous steps to log into the PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Logging into the PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance.

Navigating the PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance homepage

The way that you use and interact with Galaxy through PhenoMeNal is the same as if you were to use it via the Galaxy website. The advantage being that coupling Galaxy with the cloud gives you increased computing power to perform your analyses.

To familiarise yourself with the Galaxy interface we recommend these guided tours. After you go through these tours, you should feel comfortable starting to use our tools in the PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance. 

The PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance home page consists of a top menu (A), ‘Tools’ panel (B) and ‘History’ panel (C). The homepage also provides links to workflow tutorials (D) and user documentations under ‘Support’ (E) (Figure 6).

Figure 6 Top menu and features of the PhenoMeNal Galaxy instance.
PhenoMeNal Galaxy homepage top menu allow you to:
  • ‘Analyse data’: Set tools parameters
  • ‘Workflow’: access stored, shared workflows
  • ‘Shared Data’: access data libraries, histories, workflows
  • ‘Visualization’: access new track browser, saved visualisation, interactive environments
  • ‘Help’: for user support, mailing lists, videos, wiki, citation, interactive tours
  • ‘User’: user management
  • ‘Scratch book’: change the way data is shown