The importance of metabolomics

Why is metabolomics important?

The non-invasive nature of metabolomics and its close link to the phenotype make it an ideal tool for the pharmaceutical, preventive healthcare, and agricultural industries, among others. Biomarker discovery and drug safety screens are two examples where metabolomics has already enabled  informed decision making. In the future, with the availablity of personalised metabolomics, we will potentially be able to track the trends of our own metabolome for personalised drugs and improved treatment strategies. Personalised treatment is likely to be more effective than our current medical population-based approaches.

How is metabolomics used?

We benefit from metabolomics on various levels: from product and stress testing in food industries, e.g. control of pesticides and identification of potentially harmful bacterial strains, to research in agriculture (crop protection and engineering), medical diagnostics in healthcare, and future applications in personalised medicine resulting in personalised treatment strategies.