Viewing haemoglobin variants in 3D protein structures

Viewing proteins in 3D

Next we can use the Protein Data Bank archive (PDBe) to find the three dimensional structure of haemoglobin and understand how the position of this change relates to the the 3D structure of the protein.

There are a number of different ways to search PDBe. In this case we used the Uniprot ID for human hemoglobin beta (P68871) as the search term and refined the results using the word ‘sickle’ to find hemoglobin structures solved for sickle cell phenotypes.  

The frame below shows the macromolecules tab in the search results for this Uniprot ID, which gives a single macromolecule result, specifically the protein described in that Uniprot entry (Figure 11).  Give PDBe a try:

Figure 11 The macromolecules tab in PDBe showing results for hemoglobin structures solved for sickle cell phenotypes. This is an interactive subsection of the orginal page which can be view in PDBe.