Baseline expression results

When you search for a gene (e.g. UMOD) in one species (e.g. Homo sapiens), you will see the Baseline expression results (Figure 7) heatmap. This heatmap displays all tissues studied (columns) in different experiments (rows) in which UMOD gene is expressed above the default minimum expression level of 0.5 TPM.

Figure 7 Search by gene: baseline expression results.

By default, the heatmap shows baseline expression across different tissues. However, you can use the filters to the left to explore UMOD gene expression in other biological conditions such as cell lines (Figure 7A).

Use the ‘Filters’ button above the heatmap to limit the results to a particular anatomical system. For example, you can filter the results in the heatmap to show UMOD gene expression only in tissues of the renal system (Figure 7B).

Just click on the title of any experiment in the baseline expression results (e.g. Uhlen’s lab, Figure 7) to see the corresponding baseline experiment page