Searching by gene

To search for a particular gene e.g. UMOD use the Gene/Gene properties search box on the homepage (Figure 6A). Select one species from the drop-down menu if you want to limit the results to a particular species, e.g. Homo sapiens (Figure 6B).

Figure 6 Search by gene name on the Expression Atlas homepage.

You can use the following identifiers to search using the Gene/Gene properties search box:

  • Ensembl gene ID, e.g. ENSG00000169344
  • Interpro ID, e.g. IPR001507
  • Gene Ontology ID, e.g. GO:0072233
  • Gene Ontology term, e.g. metanephric thick ascending limb development

The search results will show Baseline expressionDifferential expression and Gene information tabs. We will look at these tabs in more detail on next few pages.