Searching by biological condition

You can also search Expression Atlas by using the Biological condition search box on the homepage. This type of search helps you find genes that are expressed in a particular condition, e.g. lung carcinoma (Figure 14A). You can limit the results to a particular species by selecting a species from the drop-down menu (Figure 14B). Your search is expanded using the Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO), so that it will also return synonyms and child terms of lung carcinoma (Figure 14).

Figure 14 Searching by Biological condition from the Expression Atlas homepage.

When searching by biological condition, you will see both baseline expression (Figure 15A) and differential expression results (Figure 15B). Just click on the title of any experiment in the:

  1. Baseline expression results (Figure 15A) to see the corresponding baseline experiment page
  2. Differential expression results (Figure 15B) to see the corresponding differential experiment page
Figure 15 Search by Biological condition: baseline and differential expression results.