Searching and visualising data in Ensembl

You can search for a genomic region to view in the genome browser. Figure 3 highlights some of the features you may be interested in.

Figure 3  Search results for Chromosome 4: 122,868,000-122,946,000

If you access the webpage above, you will not have the genetranscriptvariation and regulation tabs open, as in the diagram. These tabs will open automatically if you select the gene, transcript, variation or regulation features from this page or other pages. This allows easy navigation between different views.

Explore the left-hand menu and the different tabs (the menu will change within the different tabs) to find out about the region, genes, transcripts, variation and regulation. You can view sequence data, alignments, gene trees and ontology, and more.

We have a ‘region in detail’ video tutorial that will help you to explore this particular view, available from YouTube.

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