How to take this course

Recorded webinars

The Ensembl browser webinar series consisted of six 1 hour live webinars, held between 21st April and 7th May 2020. The programme was:

DateWebinar topicInstructor
21st AprilIntroduction to EnsemblBenjamin Moore
23rd AprilEnsembl genesAstrid Gall
28th AprilEnsembl variation and the VEPMichal Szpak
30th AprilEnsembl ComparaAstrid Gall
5th MayEnsembl regulatory buildBenjamin Moore
7th May Data export with BioMartMichal Szpak

You will notice that the topic titles correspond to the pages of the course listed on the left where you can watch these webinars.

Exercises to test what you have learnt

After each webinar video, there are pages in each section of this course with exercises (and their solutions), which will enable you to practice using what you have learnt. Each set of exercises should take you no more than an hour, and you can space them out and do them at your own pace.

Getting help with the exercises
You can email us with any questions.