What can I do with EMPIAR?

Who is EMPIAR for?

EMPIAR can be used by anyone working in the electron microscopy field. For those new to the EM field, EMPIAR is a useful source of training data. EMPIAR may also be a useful source of training data in machine learning. Experts in the electron microscopy field can use EMPIAR data for validation, reprocessing (possibly with a different scientific emphasis than the original depositor) and method development.

What can I do with EMPIAR?

EMPIAR can be used to:

  • Discover datasets by searching for the EMPIAR accession code, entry release date, entry title, authors, associated publication’s Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and PubMed ID, the format of the submitted files, the entry size, the related EMDB entries, or, if there are such related entries, the range of the resolution from best to worst
  • View the image data
  • Download the image data
  • Archive your own microscopy image data
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