Let’s begin the journey

On this bioinformatics journey you will travel to different destinations in time and space. At every destination you will face a challenge to solve which will help you explore and play with the bioinformatic resources. Try to solve the challenges by yourself (make use of the hint provided for each challenge) before looking at the answer. Let’s begin this tour with a brief introduction to your tour guide – EMBL-EBI.

Introduction to EMBL-EBI

EMBL-EBI is home to biological data services, research and training. It receives public biological data from around the world and makes it freely available to the scientific community via a range of services and tools, performs basic research and provides professional training in bioinformatics.

At EMBL-EBI we have a huge variety of tools, resources and databases for sharing, accessing and analysing biological data (Figure 1). They cover many different topics from literature and ontologies, to genes, genomes, proteins, metabolites, systems and more. Importantly, these services are interlinked which helps you explore biological systems more easily.

Figure 1 EMBL-EBI’s resources and databases.