UniProt peptide search and publications view: webinar


UniProt provides the scientific community with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and functional information. This webinar will guide you through the main updates and features on the UniProt website. It will introduce you to the new Peptide Search tool in the UniProt website; the new enhanced view of Publications in UniProt Knowledgebase entries and other important updates.

This webinar took place on 19th October 2016. The slides from this presentation can be downloaded using the link below.

This webinar is best viewed in full screen mode using Google Chrome.

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About this course

Klemens Pichler
Learning objectives: 
  • Describe how protein data is added to Uniprot
  • Explore the peptide search tool in Uniprot
  • Explore publications linked to Uniprot records