UniProt: Exploring protein sequence and functional information - webinar


In the first webinar, Sangya Pundir shows us how we can use UniProt to explore protein sequence and functional information.

The second webinar showcases the latest updates to the UniProt website (webinar recorded on 9th Dec 2015).

The third webinar showcases UniProt's new Feature Viewer - a novel tool which allows you to visualise protein sequence features and variation data from different sources in one compact view.

The fourth webinar in this series focuses on UniProt Proteomes - a portal where you can retrieve a proteome of interest and download the corresponding data set. 

NB: These videos works best using Google Chrome and when viewed in full screen.

About this course

Sangya Pundir
Learning objectives: 
  • Discuss what UniProt is and what it can be used for
  • Evaluate some of the features and tools that you can use on UniProt