What is RNAcentral?


RNAcentral iconRNAcentral is a database of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) sequences that aims to create a comprehensive set of sequences of all ncRNA types from all species. RNAcentral integrates information from a Consortium of established databases, such as miRBase, snoPY, or GENCODE.

Why RNAcentral?

ncRNA sequences are distributed across a number of databases that usually specialise only on certain ncRNA types or focus only on certain organisms. Before RNAcentral there was no single starting point for searching and accessing this data. There were no standard sequence identifiers for RNA sequences, so comparing data across different resources or performing sequence searches was challenging.

Launched in 2014, RNAcentral aims to make it easier for researchers to find ncRNA sequences and ultimately become an RNA equivalent of UniProt.

Key features

  • unified access to all non-coding RNA types from all organisms

  • faceted text search that enables quick data filtering and comparison

  • sequence similarity search against a comprehensive set of ncRNA sequences

  • genome annotations for select species

  • single API for accessing data from multiple resources

  • FTP download archive

  • stable identifiers for distinct RNA sequences

  • cross-references to specialised RNA databases

info iconExplore the interactive timeline to see how RNAcentral developed over time