Species-specific identifiers

RNAcentral also provides species-specific identifiers that are useful when you are interested in information about a certain species. When you search RNAcentral, you are searching within these species-specific entries.

Species-specific identifiers have the following format: URS identifier / NCBI taxid.

Example: URS00003B7674/9606

info iconAn underscore can be used instead of a slash (for example, the identifier above is equivalent to URS00003B7674_9606).

These identifiers can be used to link to annotations from specific species. For example, the RNAcentral species-specific identifiers are used for annotating ncRNAs with Gene Ontology terms. 

Switching between species

You can switch between species using the Taxonomy tab (Figure 25):

Getting species-specific ids

Figure 25 Getting species-specific identifiers using the taxonomy tab. Try for yourself