Sequence search

RNAcentral provides a convenient way of running sequence searches against a comprehensive set of ncRNA sequences.

Sequence search features

  • Sequence search is powered by nhmmer [3].
  • Results are stored for 7 days and can be accessed using unique URLs which can be shared or saved.
  • Results are sortable (for example, you can compare the best and the worst alignments by sorting the results by E-value in increasing and decreasing order).

Sequence search results

Here is an example sequence search (Figure 22):

sequence search results example

Figure 22 Example of a sequence search.

Instant retrieval of exact sequence matches

Sometimes all you want is to find whether a certain sequence is found in RNAcentral. When you submit a query, the exact sequence match is retrieved instantly (if it exists), and you can cancel the search if you are not interested in similar sequences (Figure 23).

 searching for an exact sequence match and cancelling a search

Figure 23 Instant retrieval of sequence matches.

Give it a try by launching one of the example searches.