Example search

In this example we want to find HOTAIR lncRNA from humans that are in the VEGA database:

1. Let's search for HOTAIR lncRNA by typing "HOTAIR" in the search box. You will notice that this query will match many HOTAIR sequences and also several HOTAIRM1 sequences, which is a different lncRNA (Figure 16). To exclude unwanted items you can use a "not" operator.

Figure 16 Search results for HOTAIR

2. To exclude HOTAIRM1 entries add "not hotairm1" to the query. Notice that this search finds a lot fewer entries than the one above.

Tip: Another way of achieving the same goal is to use double quotes (so you would type "HOTAIR" instead of HOTAIR), which ensures that the search results contain the query as a full word. Try for yourself.

3. To focus on sequences from the VEGA data base tick the checkbox in the Expert Databases facet. At the time of writing, this query retrieved six sequences, five from human and one from mouse (Figure 17).

Figure 17
Filtering the HOTAIR search results using the 'not' operator and the 'Expert Databases' facet.

4. To view only human sequences tick 'Homo sapiens' in the 'Organisms' facet

Figure 18: 
HOTAIR lncRNAs from humans that are in the VEGA database.

5. Now you can explore the alternative transcripts one by one or download the sequences for further analysis.