How to get data from RNAcentral

FTP archive

cloud download iconRNAcentral data, including previous releases, can be downloaded for local processing from the FTP archive.


Example FTP use cases

  • Looking up RNAcentral identifiers for a large number of sequences.
    This can be achieved by downloading the MD5 file and checking if the file contains MD5 hashes of your sequences;
  • Getting genome coordinates of RNAcentral sequences from the reference genomes.


wrench iconMost data in RNAcentral can be accessed programmatically using a RESTful API allowing for integration with other resources.

To get started with the API, have a look at the API documentation and explore the API directly in your browser.

Thanks to content negotiation, when the API URLs are opened in a browser, they are rendered as human-friendly documents. However, when the same pages are requested programmatically, the response is returned in a machine-readable format.

Example API use cases