Browsing by genome location

If you would like to examine ncRNAs found in a specific genomic location, you can use a lightweight genome browser that visualises RNAcentral sequences alongside genes and transcript from Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes (Figure 24). If you need more powerful tools, you can easily switch to Ensembl or UCSC genome browsers using the provided links:

Figure 24 Viewing mouse Mir3535 transcripts in the RNAcentral genome browser.

RNAcentral has genome mapping for several important species, including human, mouse, fly, worm, yeast, and others.

Tip: as you navigate the genome or switch between species the URL is continuously updated so that you can bookmark your favorite view to come back to it later or share the URL with anyone. For example, here is a link to the mouse Xist gene.

Not every sequence in RNAcentral is mapped to a genome. For example, some sequences come from older genome assemblies and are not carried over to the latest assembly. Other sequences do not match the reference genome and may represent sequence variation. There is also a possibility of misannotation or contamination (for example, a bacterial sequence incorrectly annotated as coming from human), and such cases could be detected by checking Taxonomic distribution of a sequence or by running sequence similarity searches.