Where do the data come from?

Expert Databases

RNAcentral presents a unified interface for sequences and annotations supplied by a Consortium of specialised RNA databases, which are referred to as Expert Databases.

The list of the imported databases keeps growing. For example, RNAcentral release 5 contained 22 Expert Databases (Figure 1). 

Figure 1 The 22 expert databases in RNAcentral release 5.

Work is underway to import ~20 more databases, and the up-to-date list of Expert Databases is available on the RNAcentral website. 

RNAcentral architecture

RNAcentral Expert Databases submit their sequences and annotations to RNAcentral, and the data become discoverable through the RNAcentral website. RNAcentral also provides quality control feedback to the Expert Databases, which in many instances led to improved data quality. The users can submit the data to Expert Databases or work directly with RNAcentral (see the section How to submit data to RNAcentral for more information) (Figure 2).

RNAcentral architecture

Figure 2 Organisation of RNAcentral and Expert Databases [1].

book icon Find out more about how RNAcentral works in a recent paper in Nucleic Acids Research [2].