Data overview

How many sequences are in RNAcentral?

In release 3, RNAcentral contained more than 8.6 million unique ncRNA sequences and more than 18 million database cross-references to 15 external databases (Figure 3).

Number of sequences over time

Figure 3 The number of sequences in RNAcentral is growing. View an interactive version of the graph on the RNAcentral website.

Which species are represented in RNAcentral?

The sequences come from a wide range of species covering most of the taxonomic space (Figure 4). 

Species distribution in RNAcentral

Figure 4 Species distribution of RNAcentral sequences [2].

Which ncRNA types are found in RNAcentral?

RNAcentral imports most known types of non-coding RNAs, for example:

The sequences are annotated with ncRNA types from a controlled vocabulary maintained by INSDC. Some classification categories, such as other ncRNA or misc_RNA, serve as umbrella terms for other ncRNA classes that were either not well described or poorly annotated, and are subject to refinement in the future.

RNAcentral focuses on ncRNA transcipts. Cis-regulatory RNAs, such as structured RNA elements found in mRNAs, are not included.

How often is the data updated?

New RNAcentral releases are made available every 3-4 months, and the website is updated more often. Provisional release dates are available on the public RNAcentral events calendar.

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