Anton Petrov

Project Leader RNA Resources

Anton Petrov joined EMBL-EBI in 2013 to help develop RNAcentral, a public database of non-coding RNA sequences. In 2015 he became Project Leader of RNA Resources, including RNAcentral and Rfam, a database that classifies non-coding RNAs into families. Originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, Anton completed his PhD with Prof. Neocles Leontis in Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA, where he built databases and web applications for RNA 3D structure analysis.

The RNAcentral team 

RNAcentral is produced by a large team of people at the European Bioinformatics Institute and around the world who write code, keep the servers running, and most importantly - submit their ncRNA sequences and annotations.

Have a look at the list of authors of the latest RNAcentral paper in Nucleic Acids Research.