Genomic mapping

Let's explore some other features of the sequence pages.

Viewing entries in their genomic context

Many entries in RNAcentral come from reference genomes. These entries can be viewed in their genomic context using an embedded genome browser and their coordinates can be downloaded in GFF/GFF3/BED formats (Figure 7).

The up-to-date list of species with genome mapping can be found in the RNAcentral help centre.

Viewing entries in their genomic context

Figure 7 Viewing entries in their genomic context. Click here to view the example above.

lightbulb iconTip: Entries with genomic mapping can be found using RNAcentral search by selecting the Genomic mapping facet in the RNAcentral search as shown below (Figure 8).

genomic mapping search facet




Figure 8: The genomic mapping facet can be used to view entries with genomic mapping.