Repeats in Pfam


This tutorial provides an introduction to Tandem Repeats (TR) in proteins. This is an advanced course which requires familiarity with the Pfam database and profile Hidden Markov Models, described here. TRs are a distinct class of protein modules that are found in many natural proteins. This course offers a description of TRs and their importance in biology. Furthermore, we describe one method of TR detection which is based on sequence homology, as well as discussing the challenges in characterizing them.

Undergraduate-level understanding of biology would be an advantage. Familiarity with the Pfam database will also be useful. Please refer to the Pfam quick tour available here.

About this course

Learning objectives: 
  • List features of tandem repeats
  • Describe the importance of repeats in biology
  • List the differences between repeats and domains
  • Describe the process used to create repeat entries in Pfam