Molecular interaction databases at EMBL-EBI

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IntAct is a central, public repository where molecular interactions data can be stored and accessed. It is hosted by the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) in Hinxton, UK, where it is maintained by a group of curators and developers.

We populate IntAct with interaction data from literature curation or direct user submissions. Most of the data refer to protein-protein interactions, but interactions involving other types of molecules, such as small chemical compounds or nucleic acids, can also be found in IntAct.

At EMBL-EBI IntAct is the main database for molecular interactions. There are other EMBL-EBI databases that also capture interaction information, the most prominent one being ChEMBL, which hosts a large collection of small molecule-protein/drug-target interactions.

IntAct is a member of the International Molecular Exchange (IMEx) Consortium - a group of major public interaction data providers whose goal is to share curation effort and exchange completed records on molecular interaction data. When you query data in IntAct you also access over 150 million interactions in a further 31 data resources via our PSICQUIC (Proteomics Standard Initiative Common QUery InterfaCe) service or a consistently annotated, non-redundant, experimentally determined subset from the IMEx Consortium.

You can learn more about IntAct  in a separate course: IntAct: Molecular Interactions at the EBI.