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  • Proteomics: The interaction map. Baker, M. Nature. (2012) - A short report about protein-protein interactions research, with comments from some of the most prominent researchers in the field.
  • Protein–Protein interactions essentials: Key Concepts to Building and Analyzing Interactome Networks. De Las Rivas, J., & Fontanillo, C. PLoS Comput Biol. (2010) 6(6): e1000807, [PMID:20589078] - General review about the basic concepts required to understand protein-protein interactions.
  • Molecular interaction databases. Orchard, S. Proteomics. (2012) , [PMID:22611057] - A comprehensive review about the main molecular interaction databases that are available at present.
  • An experimentally derived confidence score for binary protein-protein interactions.  Braun, P., Tasan, M., Dreze, M., Barrios-Rodiles, M., Lemmens, I., Yu, H., Sahalie, J. M., et al. Nat Methods. [PMID:19060903] - The assessment of confidence values to molecular interactions requires the use of several, complementary approaches. In this study, the performance of different protein interaction detection methods with respect to a golden standard set is evaluated.
  • Analyzing protein-protein interaction networks.  Koh, G. C., Porras, P., Aranda, B., Hermjakob, H., & Orchard, S. E. Journal of Proteome Research. (2012). 11(4): 2014-31, [PMID:22385417] - The IntAct group has produced a tutorial with HUPO discussing the importance of molecular interactions network analysis and applying a similar approach to the one presented here, using BiNGO in combination with the topological cluster analysis plugin clusterMaker.
  • PSICQUIC and PSISCORE - accessing and scoring molecular interactions. Aranda, B. et al. Nat. Methods. (2011). , [PMID:21716279] - The paper in which PSICQUIC, a query interface that allows access to data from multiple molecular interactions and pathways databases, is presented.


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