Pablo Porras Millan

Scientific curator in IntAct

Pablo Porras got his PhD in 2006 in the University of Córdoba, Spain, having done research about trans-membrane protein translocation and redox homeostasis. After that, he moved to Berlin to work in the Neuroproteomics group of the Max Delbrueck Center, getting involved in projects dealing with interactomics, neurodegenerative diseases and the ubiquitin-proteasome system. During this postdoc, he faced the problem of how to represent and analyze molecular interactions data. This experience proved to be of great value once he joined the EBI to work as a scientific curator in the molecular interactions database IntAct in 2011.

Mindi Sehra

EMBL-EBI ALUMNI Scientific Training Officer - eLearning Content Developer

Mindi Sehra was the Scientific Training Officer (eLearning) for the Outreach and Training Team at EMBL-EBI. Mindi was responsible for expanding and consolidating the EBI’s range of online training materials and monitoring and maintaining the portal, which includes investigating ways to exploit electronic technologies. Mindi completed a Genetics Degree at Sheffield University before moving into genome analysis at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. She completed a MSc in Medical Genetics and Immunology at Brunel University, her thesis on the Swine Leukocyte Antigen secured her a position in the Human and Vertebrate Annotation and Analysis group as a computer biologist. She then joined the UniProt team at the EBI as a protein curator working on automatic and manual annotation.