What is ProteomeXchange?

ProteomeXchange (PX) provides a single point for submitting mass spectrometry based proteomics data to public-domain repositories. It avoids confusion about which repository you should submit to. Once you have submitted your data to the PX entry point it can be automatically distributed to all other repositories in the ProteomeXchange consortium.

ProteomeXchange simplifies the submission and distribution of proteomics data.

It has a centralised infrastructure that allows:

  • Private access to data in the repository during the review process (for journal editors and reviewers)
  • Data propagation to the other members of the consortium once a manuscript is published
  • A straightforward way of keeping up to date via the ProteomeXchange RSS feed.

Some scientific journals (including ProteomicsMolecular and Cellular Proteomics and several journals from the Nature Publishing Group) recommend submission to proteomics repositories such as PRIDE.