Complete submissions (supported formats)

Use the PX submission tool to submit your datasets to the complete submissions pipeline. You will need to provide all the raw data, and all applicable related metadata to support your submission. All processed identification result files will need to be converted to PRIDE XML format. If your lab's internal pipeline does not include this step, try using PRIDE Converter or PRIDE Converter 2.

To allow PRIDE to keep your submission secure you will need a PRIDE login. To get a username and password you will need to register.

ProteomeXchange MS/MS data workflow for complete submissions

Figure 5. ProteomeXchange MS/MS data workflow for complete submissions.

Once the submission process is complete you will be issued with a ProteomeXchange accession number and a permanent DOI (Digital Object Identifier) that uniquely identifies your submission.

The submission is also manually checked by one of PRIDE's curators. We consider this to be essential to ensure quality control of complete submissions. Please see the PRIDE submission guidelines for more information.

The PX submission tool automatically creates the appropriate relationships between the different types of files included in your submission (the raw data and the results are mandatory; the others are optional). It will allow you to add extra metadata for your dataset before submitting all the files to PRIDE via FTP, thereby producing more contextual datasets (Figure 5).

The complete list of data formats supported by PRIDE can be found in Appendix 1.