An extra resource: ProteomeCentral

ProteomeCentral is an extra component of the consortium pipeline. It generates a unique identifier for each ProteomeXchange data submission and acts as a registry for all ProteomeXchange submissions. This queryable archive provides an efficient way to identify and monitor public datasets of interest (for example, you can monitor the re-use of particular datasets). ProteomeCentral provides an efficient way to monitor the volume of data submitted via  ProteomeXchange and the impact it has made on data exchange.

ProteomeCentral allows you to:

  • search previous PX submissions in participating repositories
  • easily query the archive and identify datasets of interest
  • disseminate published data from the archival repository (PRIDE for MS/MS data and PASSEL for SRM data) to the community via an RSS message linked to an PX XML file.
- The PX XML file contains essential metadata information about the datasets and how to retrieve files that are part of a PX submission.

- The PX XML messages available in ProteomeCentral allow secondary data resources to evaluate and integrate data. 

You can explore existing datasets at ProteomeCentral.