What is PRIDE?

The PRIDE (PRoteomics IDEntifications) database is a publicly-accessible repository for proteomics data, which covers: protein and peptide identifications (including post-translational modifications), protein and peptide expression values and supporting evidence from mass spectrometry (both peak lists and raw data).

PRIDE is a core member in the ProteomeXchange (PX) consortium, which provides a standard framework for the submission and dissemination of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics data to public-domain repositories. PRIDE acts as the initial submission point of MS/MS data. Datasets are then submitted to ProteomeXchange via PRIDE and are handled by expert biocurators. PRIDE also integrates the data into other resources such as UniProt.

Finally, the PRIDE team is responsible of the development and maintenance of several tools to help you to submit your data: PRIDE Converter 2, PRIDE Inspector and the ProteomeXchange submission tool.

The PRIDE Archive web interface

Figure 1.  PRIDE Archive home page.