Searching and getting data from PRIDE

Searching using PRIDE Archive

You can use the main PRIDE Archive website to search across datasets, and a list of project summaries will be shown as a result. (See Figure 2).

Figure 2 An example search results list for the term 'stress' in the PRIDE Archive website.

Search terms (in the case of terms controlled by an ontology) may not match directly with the original annotation of a dataset, but a match can be inferred using the ontology hierarchy. For example a search for 'brain' will also retrieve datasets annotated with 'hippocampus' or 'cerebral cortex'. In those cases the search term will be shown in brackets behind the original annotation.

Project summary

A project summary includes all the metadata for a dataset. For example:

A link to download the data files is present in the upper right-hand corner (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 An example of a project summary, corresponding to dataset PXD000442.

Downloading data using PRIDE Archive

For each project dataset in the PRIDE Archive there is a link to download all the available data files. (Figure 4).

Figure 4 An example of a download page, corresponding to the dataset PXD000442.

Individual files of a dataset can be downloaded via HTTP, FTP and, if possible, Aspera. In the case of processed result files (PRIDE XML or mzIdentML), these files can also be opened directly using the PRIDE Inpsector Java webstart in order to visualise them.