PDBeFold: Searching for structural homologues of a protein


PDBeFold can be used to identify structural homologues in the PDB. PDBe's Secondary Structure Matching service (SSM) allows you to interactively compare, align and superimpose protein structures in 3D. This course will show you how to use PDBeFold and what you can do with it.

An undergraduate degree in a life science subject would be an advantage. You may wish to look at the PDBe quick tour and Biomacromolecular structures course as an introduction to this tutorial.

About this course

Gary Battle
Learning objectives: 
  • Evaluate what PDBeFold is and what it can do
  • Be able to launch PDBeFold and search for 3D structures that are similar to your protein of interest
  • Interpret structural similarity of your results based on Q-scores
  • Be able to view and analyse structures from your returned results