PDBeChem: Searching for small molecules and small molecule fragments


PDBeChem allows you to search for chemical components (ligands, small molecules and monomers) that appear in PDB entries, and discover which protein structures bind a particular ligand. This course will show you how to use PDBeChem and what you can do with it.

An undergraduate degree in a life science subject would be an advantage. You may wish to look at the PDBe quick tour and Biomacromolecular structures course as an introduction to this tutorial.

About this course

Gary Battle
Learning objectives: 
  • Evaluate what PDBeChem is and what is can be used for
  • Be able to launch PDBeChem and use different ways to search for small molecules
  • Use the SMILES molecular editor to draw parts of your chemical structure to explore related small molecules on PDB
  • Evaluate your search results from the chemical component summary page