Searching and visualising data in MetaboLights

Search results

From the MetaboLights homepage you can search for an extensive set of associated information for the studies stored in MetaboLights (Figure 2). This includes information about submitters and authors, publication references, the study design, protocols applied, names of data files included, platform information and metabolite information. The metabolite information includes a description, external database identifiers, formula and intensity or concentration, and where the metabolite was identified in the sample. 

MetaboLights Search

Figure 2 A sub-section of the search results page in MetaboLights, highlighting some of the search filters available.

Browse the repository

Browse MetaboLights

Figure 3 Search results: browsing all public studies in MetaboLights.

Study details page

MetaboLights Study Details Page

Figure 4 Samples sumbitted in an NMR study about human type 2 diabetes.  

Study details page: protocols

MetaboLights Study Protocols

Figure 5 MetaboLights also contains information about the protocols applied to a study.