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MetaboLights submissions use the ISA software suite, so experimental data gets submitted in ISA-Tab format.

The MetaboLights project is a member of isacommons, the ISA community.

Notes The Investigation/Study/Assay (ISA) infrastructure is the first general purpose format and freely available desktop software suite that assists in the reporting and local management of experimental metadata from studies using one or more technologies. Metadata types that can be captured by ISA-tab include sample characteristics, the technology and measurement types used, and sample-to-data relationships. ISA-Tab is built for experimentalists, curators and software developers. 



The development of MetaboLights is funded by the BBSRC, grant reference BB/L024152/1. Previous BBSRC grant reference is BB/I000933/1.
The funding is for a project that will instantiate, at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, the MetaboLights metabolomics database with various components focused on both data standards and primary experimental data. MetaboLights is cross-species, cross-application and will cover all relevant analytical methods.

MetaboLights is a joint development between the Claire O'Donovan group at the European Bioinformatics Institute and the Griffin group in Cambridge.