Metabolomics resources at the EBI


EMBL-EBI has three main resources that cover the field of of metabolomics (Figure 11):

1. MetaboLights is a general purpose, open access repository for metabolomics studies, their raw experimental data and associated metadata.

2. ChEBI is a freely available database of Chemical Entities of Biological Interest, containing manually annotated small molecular entities (molecules not encoded by the genome)

3. Reactome is a freely available curated database of pathways and reactions. You can browse Reactome and gain a detailed view of the molecular processes of human biology. Reactome represents biological processes as interconnected molecular events or 'reactions', covering all types of biological molecules, primarily proteins and small molecules.

Metabolomics resources at EMBL-EBI 
Figure 11 Metabolomics related resources available at EMBL-EBI.